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Introducing Hexorial Studio

In 2019 July, my friend Manthankumar and I ( Deep Joshi ) started building out cool side-projects after completing our master’s. We’ve worked with start-ups, established firms and designers, marketers in various businesses. The problems they face are usually similar: limited functionality of tools that eat time devoted to their core goals and that time we tinkered with so many ideas and projects, and after prioritising ideas, delving into the building and we decide to start with small steps to building plugins, tools, and integration for make faster workflow & deliver a better experience.

We started with building Colorsinspo & Figma plugins and have shipped 7 plugins, We got excellent traction and super helpful feedback, along with some rave reviews. This thing boosted our confidence that we spent 0$ on marketing, and all our users discovered us via word of mouth. That’s a big thing for us.

So today, our growth ( 1st Jan 2020 to 11 Jan 2021 )

Our users love the results, and as per our in-depth analysis, survey, and social media reports, we have designers from leading corporations like Figma, Google, Facebook, Duolingo, Slack using our plugins.

We are getting rave reviews & response on several forums.

With aiming to foster tools that integrate any type’s creativity, we empower creators to focus on what matters by enabling quicker turnarounds using tools developed with deep customer insights and feedback. And by aiding the best fit in behind the main canopy’s curtain, we pledge to provide the finest for everyone ever fantasised about doing work fast.

Our Four convictions that carry our hustles from the inception of this idea.

  1. Exertion, Imagination, & Adaptability.

The virtual realm induces the factual world ahead. When now, we all know that Evolution is the only persistent in humankind; the better one emanates with long term exertion, imagination, and adaptability. And when it’s in form virtuality, the pioneer of the virtual evolution like creators, developers, designers, marketers should be eternally ecstatic. By devising the pleasure & production, we accomplish what truthfully shows our proficiency.

2. AAA.

The dominant job gets done effortlessly with Austere Affective Amalgamation Integrating the various fragments of tools or software is such a headache when one is trying to create something truly extraordinary. It takes time, alliance, and recurrence to carve out something certainty and exquisite. The methods are often exhausting, the enticement to declare “acceptable” alluring by offering AAA (Austere Affective Amalgamation) for any of our needs.

3. TIP for everyone

Tools, Integration & Plugins are the roots of the bush. Like a can of spinach in Popeye’s hand, groovy tools intensify the influence of their wielders. And now, when any tool is vowing to form strength, concentration & leverage in any of our virtual ventures, disruption & disturbance can straightforwardly be removed. We’re focusing on carving AI data models & sharpening our tools with appropriate Machine Learning tactics.

4. For all, only One.

We aim to democratise design, making it inclusive for any outsiders to start and scratch from the very beginning, helping them feel to be a part of ‘for all only one(design) and for all experts to deliver excellence in their enduring endeavours. The true sense of democratise design came when we truly believe and acknowledge that…

“Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth. ~ Jesse Jackson.”

At Hexorial Studio, we are already in the progression of constructing novel interfaces for the already used tools. As a team, we are trying to focus on fortifying bliss for all creators, which is precise, and we indeed made it soon.

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