Blog Instagram Like A Pro: How To Blog on Instagram

Angus Chang
Aug 25 · 5 min read

Contrary to what many people believe, what people are doing on Instagram is actually blogging — with images, and shorter pieces of text. If you want to start to blog Instagram like a pro, and gain a massive following in the coming months and years, we have what you need right here.

While it’s true that many Instagram stars are just passionate about what they do, there are hot Instagram accounts that became popular because they were very strategically made.

To blog Instagram to gain the highest number of followers in the shortest period of time, you need to combine three things: your passion, psychology, and maximizing the technology you are using to gain your followers.

1. Choose a Memorable Username

This is one of the keys of fast success on the platform. With literally millions of people on the platform, there has to be a primary hook that will make people interested in what you want to provide in terms of content. Your username should be intimate (allowing people to know you better the moment they see it) and at the same time, it should give them a hint as to what you are all about.

Let’s say that you are a photographer who likes to blog on Instagram because you want to share your amazing photos of wildlife with the world. Writing your first name wouldn’t cut it.

The username has to be something that is catchy, descriptive, and informative, all at the same time. A username like “fieryanimals” is catchier, and is more likely to attract attention. Initially this would be your goal — to make people interested in what you have to show on the platform.

2. Pick Your Market

Your market or more specifically, your niche, is the group of people whom you will be dedicating your time to communicating with via Instagram. It is vital that you are able to focus on a niche because we don’t want your Instagram account to be lopsided or too general as that would hurt the interest of people in it.

Think of your Instagram account as a TV channel, with a specific lineup or programming. This is how people view Instagram. They expect a specific type of content from the people they follow, and they appreciate consistency and high quality content, too.

3. Always Be A Great Storyteller

While it’s true that Instagram is highly visual, it doesn’t mean you can skive off not telling a good story each time you post. In terms of retention and staying power, the best storytellers on the platform gain the most likes and follows, and they don’t burn out quickly — because their stories keep people hooked on their accounts, longer. Admittedly, people go on Instagram not just to browse photos, but to stay entertained. There is nothing wrong with being an entertainer on the platform by telling really good stories through your photos — because this is the point of conventional blogging, too.

4. Support Your Content With Hashtags

Hashtags are now used to express so many things from fashion trends to global advocacies. What started out as a simple way to organize tweets and posts has grown to a worldwide social phenomenon with people using hashtags to draw attention and increase emphasis on certain things when they post content.

As someone who wants to be influential on Instagram, it is vital to your work that you identify the right types of hashtags and use them frequently on your posts. However, we have to warn would-be Instagram celebrities that overusing hashtags and misusing them will not support your cause.

It is actually far better to blog on Instagram with a handful of high quality hashtags than overdoing it, as too many hashtags are actually an eyesore on Instagram posts and can even turn people off. Trending hashtags are always a good idea, and it’s vital that you use hashtags strategically to ride the ebb and flow of trends on the platform.

But then again, relevance is still number one, so don’t use popular hashtags if they have absolutely no sense in the context of your content.

The Conventional Blog vs Instagram

While Instagram is definitely an impressive platform where it’s possible to get a viewership of millions, where does the conventional blog stand in the midst of all these massive changes in digital consumption? Is the blog really dead? If you are a digital marketer, and would like to establish yourself in the field, do you have to blog?

The answer is yes, you still have to blog. Because in the battle of the blog vs Instagram, the traditional blog actually carries more weight in the long term.

Here’s why: Google can surface blogs from ten years ago, but it will rarely, if ever, return Instagram posts from any year, unless the post is highly relevant. Google still prioritizes “aging” platforms like its own Blogger platform, and of course, WordPress sites. The reason for this is that these platforms have high functionality and can do things that social media platforms simply cannot, like provide related posts from within the same source.

So if you are planning to try blog marketing to promote yourself, we suggest that you go ahead do so — and combine your efforts on Instagram and other social media channels with more conventional content creation.

This applies most especially to businesses and services that require more space to explain what they are about. Instagram is nice, but blogs have a staying power that cannot be easily replicated through social media channels.

Social media channels thrive on obsolescence, because of all the user-generated content available. Yesterday’s news and posts are rarely considered hip, and there’s simply so much going on “in the now” that people rarely want to look at old posts and content.

The same cannot be said when they exit that kind of platform and look at information from full-sized websites like WordPress blogs. Ready to start on your blog marketing journey? Make sure you maximize all available platforms.


A experienced online marketing agency. We serve the people who having online business and trying to grow fast to their business. Our experts are experienced in branding, SEO and web development.

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A experienced online marketing agency. We serve the people who having online business and trying to grow fast to their business. Our experts are experienced in branding, SEO and web development.

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