Five Successful Blog Examples

Angus Chang
Aug 27 · 5 min read

If you have been looking for some successful blog examples that will help inspire you to become better at blogging, have we got a treat for you. We’ve rounded up the best and most successful blog examples that have proven themselves worthy not just in delivering great content, but also increasing relevance based on Google’s principles of authoritativeness.

1. has been on the Web for years, and it focuses on providing educational posts to people who want to learn more about blogging, and how to eventually turn professional so they can generate income from it.

What makes Darren Rowse, the founder of special is he has been online since 2004 and generates full time income from his blog alone.

This Australian has taught thousands of people through the years how to blog like an expert, and his website is a veritable treasure mine of free information, too.

Right now, Darren Rowse is one of the top blog names in the industry, and he has actually been recognized in 2007 by Forbes as one of the most influential blog names, globally, because of his consistency and vision in the industry.

What has made him distinct all these years is how he has evolved with the times — he doesn’t let his material go stale, which makes him one of the blog names to watch constantly because he likes to innovate constantly. As of this writing, he is offering an exclusive master course for people who want to blog professionally.

2. Tim.Blog

Tim.Blog is run by Tim Ferriss, the maven behind the revolutionary concept “the four-hour work week.”

A blog post from Tim Ferriss back in the day means he was going to reveal another big secret to the masses, something that he’s discovered about digital marketing and entrepreneurship that would make things much easier for people who want to earn passive income and pursue other interests and passions in life.

A blog post from Tim.Blog today usually means the man himself is promoting a new book, or one of his advocacies. Tim is a well-rounded entrepreneur, and doesn’t mince words when he has something good up his sleeve.

His content is now up on Spotify, Overcast, and Apple Podcasts. Tim is also a bestselling author and continues to be an active, professional blogger presently.

3. TechCrunch

Who hasn’t read TechCrunch before? Headed by lawyer-turned-blogger Michael Arrington, TechCrunch is responsible for profiling countless tech startups and established corporations, and has become such an important resource in the industry that AOL eventually acquired it for millions of dollars.

Today, TechCrunch is one of the few websites from when Web 2.0 was just starting out that is still authoritative and productive as it was when it started out.

The blog has expanded to delivering industry updates and vital news to readers, and is a “must read” for people who want to understand what’s happening to this sector in North America, and beyond.

4. TheDishDaily

TheDishDaily is the brainchild of Andrew Sullivan, a writer who used to write blogs and columns for established companies like The Daily Beast.

What Andrew Sullivan accomplished is a dream for many up and coming bloggers: he wrote about what he was passionate about (mainly, the financial industry, the stock market, technology, etc.) and generated monthly income from it. The blog generates an average of $20 of revenue per user annually, and continues to be Andrew’s bread and butter on the Internet.

Who would have thought that something as simple as a blog post would propel people like Andrew to the top? They gain influence and a good reputation when they upload a blog post day by day, and they just keep doing it for years.

5. CopyBlogger

Copywriting is the fine art (and science) of writing for marketing purposes. Writing on its own is difficult, and it becomes even more challenging when you have to persuade people to buy products and services.

CopyBlogger founder Brian Clark has been able to leverage the need for professional copywriting back in 2006 and was able to create a mini digital empire of his own, which resulted in the establishing of multiple other companies that have been doing well since their inception.

Brian Clark’s blog continues to be an inspiring presence in digital marketing today, as it still produces quality content for people who want to use the power of blogging to win over new business and generate better ROI and higher profits for their businesses.

Bonus: Blog Ideas 101

Running dry on great blog ideas for your own blog? We have some blog ideas that you may find useful.

1. What makes people go back to blogs? In addition to getting useful information, people are actually magnetized by good storytelling. Good storytelling comes naturally to people, and we’re sure that you can tell your stories in an engaging manner to your growing community of readers.

Start with simple stories with meaningful and inspiring messages, and let it roll from there. The only way that you will be able to get to know your audience is if they comment on your blogs. So open up and communicate with your audience.

2. People love lists. Whether it’s about the latest fashion trends or what to do with your iPhone when it won’t turn on, people flock to listicles because these pieces of content are easy to read and absorb.

Since many people read content online on their mobile phones, it’s easy to understand why people readily share lists more often than longer-form content.

We’re not saying that you should write lists all the time, but as much as possible, the form of your blog posts should be easy to read and scan. If a piece of content cannot be skimmed or scanned easily by human eyes, people are less likely to read it.

3. Another one of our great blog ideas is to give people a sense of history by showing them where you came from. If you have a business, you can tell them stories about how your business started, why you are passionate about what you do, etc.


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