How Can I Get Quality Backlinks For My Site?

Angus Chang
Oct 8 · 5 min read

Backlinks remain an integral component of Google’s computation of the authoritativeness of a website. Basically, Google measures the relevance of a website by the number and quality of backlinks that it receives. More relevant and high quality backlinks from websites that also have good reputations and high authoritativeness will definitely improve your website’s standing.

But the question is, how exactly can you get quality backlinks for your website?

There are several ways to do this, and all of them, save for one method, are challenging to say the least. But if you are a serious business owner, no challenge should be able to stop you from getting better rankings on Google search results.

1. Report broken links on other websites

This is a slow and time intensive method of increasing the chances of getting backlinks from established websites. Here’s how it works: you search for high authority websites from your own market or niche and scan their pages and content. More often than not, you will find broken links, our outbound links to pages that simply do not exist anymore.

You will then contact the webmaster and report the broken link. The webmaster takes note of your report and is thankful to you. An opportunity for backlinks presents itself.

If you have relevant pages or content that can be linked to, you can provide these links to the webmaster, in the hopes of getting outbound links to your pages.

There is a high probability of getting the backlinks, but the process of acquiring these from reporting 404 pages is slow and painstaking. You probably will have to hire staff to do this for you, as you would have to scan dozens, if not hundreds of websites and scour their content for broken links.

2. Buy backlinks from Fiverr

Buying backlinks from Fiverr is the most efficient and cost effective method of acquiring quality backlinks. Take note that not all providers are true to their word, so it would be best to stick to tried and tested SEO experts who can get you valid and legitimate results. True SEO experts will never risk spammy backlinks and will never use PBNs (private blog networks) that will get your website penalized.

On the positive side, if you do find a genuine SEO expert who specializes in taking apart Google’s algorithm for backlinks and website authoritativeness, you are in luck. If your website has zero backlinks and is languishing somewhere on page ten, it is high time to buy backlinks from Fiverr and save your website from extinction.

3. Create and distribute infographics

Infographics are in high demand all over the Internet. But it’s not as easy as buying backlinks from Fiverr, because you will be in charge of research, creation, and distribution of the infographic.

Here’s how it works: you begin by choosing a topic that will wrap around the infographic that you want to create. The best infographics can convey plenty of information with statistical data in a short span of time. That is why these are so popular with websites, because they are visually engaging and easy to understand.

Once you have understood what story what you want to convey, it is time to do your research. You will have to pore over case studies, reports, and industry releases to get new data to support your infographic. Cross-referencing of data sources is also vital to ensure that you have timely and relevant information. All this data then have to be compiled and passed on to a graphic designer.

Graphic design for infographics can range anywhere from $200 to $300 per graphic. When you finally have your infographic, you then have to create the appropriate content that will discuss it. This in-depth content will go up on your website. Once that’s done, it is imperative that you begin distributing your infographic to various directories and on social media so that people will become aware of it.

Only after this step will you start getting backlinks. Assuming that you paid $300 for an infographic, if you get 10 backlinks, you are essentially paying $30 per backlink. If you get fewer links within a target span of time, the cost of each link goes up and your ROI shrinks significantly.

This method is a little on the pricey side, compared to just buying backlinks from Fiverr from an established SEO expert or company.

4. Hunting for website to submit guest posts

This is probably the oldest method of getting backlinks that stretches all the way back to the era of blogs. There was a time when social media was not that popular for spreading knowledge, and people mainly flocked to blogs to get new information. Having a blog in the pre-social media age meant you had the unique opportunity to become a big name in whatever niche you wanted to be big in.

This is when guest posts came into vogue. A guest post is just an ordinary piece of content that bears a link that is the author’s choosing. In the context of SEO and link building, this method means you can get one decent backlink per piece of content that you submit to a website that has high authority in a particular niche.

There are many downsides to this method, unfortunately. First, it is a truly slow method of getting backlinks. Not every website is willing to accept content from just anyone, especially if the main goal is to get a backlink. Second, some websites add a ‘nofollow’ code to their posts, which renders outbound links useless essentially.

Third, if you are not writing the content yourself, you are going to spend a large chunk of your budget having content created at the level that would convince websites to publish you.

High quality content can easily put you in the red, especially if you do not have a particularly large budget for SEO. Obviously in this scenario, your best and most economical option is to buy high quality backlinks from Fiverr — you will see why soon enough if you follow our recommendation.


A experienced online marketing agency. We serve the people who having online business and trying to grow fast to their business. Our experts are experienced in branding, SEO and web development.

Angus Chang

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A experienced online marketing agency. We serve the people who having online business and trying to grow fast to their business. Our experts are experienced in branding, SEO and web development.

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