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Aug 21 · 5 min read

Digital marketing through blogging wouldn’t even be plausible without the help of SEO plugins for WordPress, among other tools that can help get your blogging campaigns off the ground.

The first part of today’s blog will focus on powerful and easy to use SEO plugins for WordPress that will help you manage not just content, but also a variety of other tasks that are vital for monitoring your content’s success on the Web.

Our Top Plugins

1. Yoast

Undoubtedly, Yoast has been capturing the hearts (and minds) of many business owners through the years because it just flat out works.

As of this writing it has already garnered thousands of positive reviews from users and stands at a powerful 4/5 stars on the WordPress platform. To stand out this much amongst a through of thousands of other SEO plugins for WordPress means Yoast is really performing.

This plugin’s strength lies in its simplicity and its versatility.

Webmasters are using it to analyze the health of their pages, and it is one of the few lightweight tools you can use for technical auditing of old and new pages. Having trouble understanding if your XML sitemaps are actually working as intended? Use Yoast.

2. Google XML Sitemaps

We can’t stress this enough: Google XML Sitemaps is vital to your website’s and blog’s survival. While it’s true that Google can index any page as long as it is somehow connected to the main index.html file, it’s important that you don’t rely on chance when it comes to page indexing. This plugin creates the XML sitemap so search engines are guided where to index, so that both old and new pages are adequately indexed, and in a timely manner, too.

3. Broken Link Checker

As the name implies, the Broken Link Checker is an awesome plugin that tells you if you have pages or content that no longer exist, or are malfunctioning that users will be unable to load them normally.

The plugin also checks your pages if there are non-existent or broken image files, so you can make changes ASAP before these broken images/links affect your blog’s or website’s ranking.

Since this plugin actively monitors your precious online real estate, you can worry less about dead pages and focus more on creating the best content that your users will love.

Expert SEO Tips

While we’re on the topic of plugins, you can add the following to your toolbelt of SEO hacks.

1. Start Using Tools and Analytics

One of the most important SEO tips we can share is that you should use tools that help you analyze data over a period of time. This applies most especially to websites that require large amounts of traffic in order to generate profit over time, like ecommerce platforms.

Make sure that you maximize all the available metrics to you and use the data to make important decisions about your PPC campaigns and content strategy.

2. Write Content for Humans

The second among our favorite SEO tips is to create content for humans first, before modifying the structure for search engines. Ultimately, your content has to be focused on providing the best possible information and it has to be an in-depth resource that is worth bookmarking and sharing.

Great content naturally encourages people to share, and your website’s mentions and backlinks (all organic) will help lift the relevance of your website for years to come.

This is the impact of long-term investment in great content. Up to now, we still see evergreen content from five or six years ago. Google knows when a resource is indispensable to people judging by user behavior, and they retain even older pages and content because users continue using these older, evergreen pages.

3. Make Your Keyword Research Count

Keyword research is a huge undertaking, and SEO for blogs would be incomplete without a keyword structure that makes sense.

On-page optimization is dependent on the right combination of keywords for content targeting, and chances are, if you are already writing in-depth and comprehensive content, you are already including the sub-categories of keywords necessary for Google to make sense of the topic and contexts of your content.

To ensure that you are maximizing the effectiveness of your keyword research, use a variety of tools to harvest as many useful keyword ideas as possible.

Everyone starts with Google’s Keyword Planner, but you definitely should not stop there. Better SEO for blogs begins with using at least one other tool like SEMRush for keyword research. You can even use these tools to find out what your competition’s keyword targeting system is, think about it.

4. SEO Blog Structure Matters

Your SEO blog structure will depend on multiple factors, including the title of the post, your first heading and all the subheadings after that, your lead, or the first sentence after the headings, and of course, the end paragraph. Google also takes a look at anchor text, which helps guide both readers and search engines to related content and pages on your website.

Let’s not forget that you need to optimize your metadata. Proper HTML tags not only help search engine understand what your page is about, but Google also displays the meta description on SERPs, meaning, you need to convince people to click on your post using your meta description and title.

We know how it feels: at this point in time it can be tempting to engage in keyword stuffing, or overusing certain keywords ‘just to get the job done.’

However, this practice may actually create the opposite effect: Google hates keyword spamming, so if you are going to use keywords, make sure that all of them are use naturally throughout your content, and more importantly, the placements make sense.

If you are randomly adding keywords that don’t make sense to your SEO blog structure, readers are going to notice the quality of the prose, and will probably leave more quickly. Longer dwell time usually results from high quality prose, so focus on that instead.


A experienced online marketing agency. We serve the people who having online business and trying to grow fast to their business. Our experts are experienced in branding, SEO and web development.

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A experienced online marketing agency. We serve the people who having online business and trying to grow fast to their business. Our experts are experienced in branding, SEO and web development.

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