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Angus Chang
Aug 29 · 4 min read

The women’s market is huge and offers a lot of potential profit for businesses.

With this in mind, it makes complete sense to emulate the top honchos of the blogging world in this side of the blogosphere, because everything that these blogs top blogs for women have been doing have worked in terms of gaining a wider audience and improving engagement continuously through the years. This is our rundown of the top blogs for women in 2019.

1. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan started out in legacy print and continues to be a force of good for women globally, with publications throughout the different countries.

Their blog is one of the largest in the planet that caters to women’s issues, fashion, health, and sexuality. The current blog layout is wild and free, and shows just how adaptive this company is in presenting great content to its readers.

The variety of content on Cosmopolitan also caters to a wide breadth of readers, from teenagers to women in their thirties, forties, and beyond. What’s important is their dedicated focus on women, the issues that affect them, and of course, the lives of women everywhere.

This is one blog for women that you can emulate in terms of its content structure and organization, and its writing style. Businesses will do well in taking note of how Cosmopolitan has adapted to the pure digital age, where the youngest readers have read more from their tablet PCs and smartphones than from legacy print publications.

2. FitnessRX for Women

FitnessRX for Women is a stunning fitness and health website that covers a plethora of topics that affect women who want to get fit, are already getting fit, or want to achieve more with their physical fitness regimes.

The blog layout follows the conventional magazine/grid layout and is easy on the eyes. While there are display ads on either side of the page, the ads are far from distracting and the focus is the easy to read headlines that lead readers to the different categories and content.

FitnessRX for Women represents a promising lineup of blogs that explore what is usually relegated to the male domain (fitness and bodybuilding) and that’s what makes the blog successful in the first place: it provides specialized information to a growing niche that needs the information in the first place.

3. The EveryGirl

The EveryGirl is a unique blog for women because of its focus: the girl in every woman. The youthfulness, spunk, energy, and drive that all women should have — the blog attempts to capture all these in easy to read prose, in a way that encourages people to read one post after another.

A quick scan of the previous posts gives you a sense of community. The topics are by no means earthshaking, but you can feel that the community is fully engaged, and there’s a reason why people are hooked on the content.

The EveryGirl blog currently has more than 100,000 followers on Facebook and is actively tweeting to more than 98,000 followers of Twitter. The social media reach is huge for the niche that it blog occupies.

We can take a lesson from blog topics that this website covers: simple but engaging, focused on what people deem important to their lives. The blog topics are also genuine and sincere, to the point of being “tell-alls” that we are sure that readers just love.

4. Women’s Health

Women are known for taking better care of themselves than men, which would explain why there are top blogs that focus on the health sector for women. The blog topics on Women’s Health cover everything from ketogenic recipes to exercises routines to lifestyle news covering music icons.

The vibe that we get from Women’s Health is that it is currently attempting to be the “all in one” online publication that women can use for each of their interests.

What started out in legacy print as a family magazine with a womanly slant has now evolved to an online publication that resembles topnotchers like Reader’s Digest: there’s plenty of content, and the blog topics are varied to keep the readers coming back.

Currently this brand has 228,000+ fans on Facebook and has a sizeable Twitter presence of 80,000+ followers. But then again, its online presence would not be what it is without the content that is coming from its blog, so it’s still vital for up and coming bloggers to create blog post ideas that are really worth reading and sharing.

5. Women Deliver

Women Deliver is blog that focuses on women’s issues, advocacies, and progressive ideals that aim to bring to the fore the strength of women on different fronts.

From religious issues to domestic issues, Women Deliver is a good source of news and updates from different groups and organizations that help women from all walks of life across the globe.

The blog also feature unique and inspiring stories from activists and cultural workers from different fields, and ultimately, Women Deliver want woman voices to be heard more and more throughout the world. This blog has 72,000+ followers on Facebook, and 110,000+ followers on Twitter as of this writing.

For a blog that delves into serious issues that aren’t always light to readers, Women Deliver has really brought together women and communities around important stories that need to be told, and from this alone we can easily see the power of conventional blogging, amplified through different channels on the Internet.

What have we learned from these top blogs?

The main takeaways from our case study are that blog post ideas are extremely important in setting the agenda for a blog. The quality and slant of your blog post ideas will depend largely on your readership, and your readership will also measure the effectiveness of your message through the ways that your content is shared across different social channels.


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A experienced online marketing agency. We serve the people who having online business and trying to grow fast to their business. Our experts are experienced in branding, SEO and web development.

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