The AMBER Token Sale

Aleksandar Svetski
Apr 1 · 4 min read

Pre-Sale starts 1st April, 2019

The team at Amber have been hard at work, preparing to launch a new type of token, and our initial coin offering / token generation event will take place today; the 1st of April, 2019.

Our blended utility token combines the best of what you’ll find with Binance Coin (BNB), with our new, state of the art blockchain consensus algorithm that combines the best of proof of stake, proof of work, proof of solvency & authenticated, delegated byzantine fault tolerance which we call ADbFT™.

We’ve created a video for you all below, which explains what it’s all about, and how to get involved.

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About the Amber Token

We’ve developed a new kind of token. It’s like a new form of energy, that flows through everything.

Because it’s being built long term on our own blockchain, it’s going to not only do smart contracts, and have the ability to do millions of transactions per second, but it will also have atomic swaps, nuclear dynamics & sensory perception which means anyone anywhere can use it, even without access to their device.

We’ve been asked a few questions about it, so we’ll answer these here:

What platform will you do the ICO on?

EOS is by far the best in the wold right now. Ethereum is bit old now, and it’s time has past. Dan Larimer has built something that is indestructible, can clearly raise lots of money and is the only blockchain project I know of with a real world use case, ie; buying real estate.

EOS is by far the best place to do an ICO, and make no mistake about it, this is the new wave.

Weren’t you against ICOs in the past?

I know I’ve been quite vocal about ICOs in the past. But we all mistakes & we’re human, so we’re allowed to change our mind.

After spending some time doing more research, I’ve decided that ICOs are actually a brilliant way to raise money — and who doesn’t want more money?

I’ve given projects such as AusCoin, Bamboo, Havven (and lots more) a lot of shit in the past, about being a bunch of marketers with no substance, creating fake tokens on a fake blockchain just to raise some capital. But after my spiritual awakening, I’ve realised I was being harsh. Everybody’s got to make a living right?

In fact, not only do I take it back, but I want to thank them for inspiring us. Bamboo for example have a proof of solvency blockchain, and although I’m not really sure what that is, we’re going to use the basis of that idea, and build on top of it — because we are about the people.

What’s unique about Amber’s token?

At Amber, we’re going to ensure our token delivers not only solvency (and proves it), but we’re also combining proof of stake, proof of work, proof of convenience, AND, a blend of delegated, bifurcated, authenticated & distributed, nuclear Byzantine fault tolerance.

It’s absolutely incredible, there’s nothing quite like it, and we truly believe this is going to change the world.

Thunder & Lightning

Lightning is interesting, and whilst our blockchain will support the Lightning network, we’re also building our own second layer solution, which we call thunder.

How much are you raising?

Not a huge amount. All we need is $30m. With that, we’ll be able to hire an enormous team of marketers, developers & lawyers and really make an impact on the world.

This is what it’s all about. It’s about helping anyone who couldn’t invest in facebook in the early days, get access to amazing companies at the beginning. It’s about access.

Are you listing on any exchanges?

Yes. We’ve signed deals with 4 already and another 4 will be on board by the end of this week. We can’t tell you who, but we can assure you that your fundus will be safu..

We’ll also be holding 50% of the coins in our treasury. This ensures the supply remains constrained and you can earn a great return.

Will there be a Tesla giveaway?

We’ve currently in talks with Elon Musk, and considering forming a partnership. The first cohort of Amber token adopters will be first inline for this, and unlike Justin Sun from TRON Foundation, we will deliver!

How do I participate

If you watched the video, you’ll know about the new form of multi currency address we’ve created.

It accepts any crypto, any fiat, and it doesn’t even require you to have a wallet or an address.

The address for participation will be sent to you directly when you input your email below.

The pre-sale starts today (April 1st).

You get a 50% discount on day one, and that discount drops by a percent each day until there’s no more discount, so be quick!


The Amber token is going to change the world. We can feel it out bones.

We look forward to all the positive people joining us on this journey, and to the trolls out there; come join us too :)

Aleks Svetski

CEO @ Amber. Visionary. Amber Coin Shill.


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Aleksandar Svetski

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CEO @ Editor @ Bitcoin, Money, Philosophy, Business, Startups & Entrepreneurship.



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