Bogdan Nicoara

Hello, world…in search of true Well-being.

My name is Bogdan Nicoară and I am here to place the first digital brick at the foundation that represents the future of Well-being.

I am Founder and CEO at Hey, Be Well! I see this as a great honor and also a huge responsibility because coordinating a team of young enthusiasts on the path of improving the quality of life of individuals worldwide is a bold & challenging goal.

In 2009, I was invited to take part in the development of, the first east-European doctor’s appointments platform. Technology evolved since then, and so did we. Now we are on the verge of integrating blockchain into our lives and businesses as the missing layer of tech powering the creation of a better future, next to Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things & Quantum Computing.

There are 3 main reasons for switching to blockchain as our core technological layer:

  • Gamification Possibilities
  • Personal Information Security
  • Decentralised Marketplace

We have already gathered a group of people who believe in what Well-being really stands for. The team is now developing the proof of concept necessary for people around the world to understand the 7 dimensions of Well-being and their importance as a holistic ecosystem.

Our project started with our own aspirations and is currently self-funded, but now, as our ideas spread and get closer to becoming a reality, people want to help us and join the project, as team members, investors or advisors.

Hey, Be Well! is now evolving from just a concept to a real-life project backed by a well-constructed Whitepaper.

I will now present the next steps that we will take in the direction of developing Your Personal Well-being Space:

Today, Andra, our COO, takes the stage at d10e Bucharest talking about Well-being and her personal motivation for joining Hey, Be Well! .

Next week we will open our main communication platform to the public: HBW’s Telegram account. Here we want to engage with you and hear all your opinions.

Half of January 2018 — release of the first version of HBW’s Whitepaper.

May 2018 — HBW will be in Closed Beta with selected users that will test the first version of the platform and the blockchain-platform interoperability.

August 2018 — our platform’s first iteration will be released as Public Beta, with core functionalities and blockchain integration.

September 2018 — our token release event for the public that is interested in joining our movement of increasing the general Well-being.

Next, our platform will enter full development stage. We estimate this will take up to a year. After that, HBW will have the ability to grow organically, at the will of its community, as the top-of-mind Well-being platform.

If you believe HBW initiative is here to stay and change the world, we invite you to subscribe to our Announcements list on

Thank you for reading and …

Hey, Be Well!


Hey, Be Well!

Hey, Be Well!

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