How Goals Work

Andra Georgescu
Dec 6, 2018 · 4 min read

This is a short introduction to how the Hey, Be Well! Goals work, so you know what to expect when joining us on this wellbeing journey. Hopefully, I’ve covered everything, but if anything is unclear, let a sista know!

Each Goal has a predetermined amount of HEY tokens that you are required to stake in order to start the Goal. It basically works like a bet that you make with yourself and the app, saying that you will commit to your wellbeing Goal.

If you accomplish your Goal, not only will your stake be returned to you, but we will multiply your HEY by rewarding you with a big Bonus!🎁

If you fail the Goal, then the staked tokens will be lost also, and no Bonus will be rewarded.

HEY tokens are points, or the equivalent of a credit score.

These tokens are a way of quantifying and giving value to in-app actions, like staking for a Goal, achieving Milestones or the entire Goal. After finishing the Onboarding Goal, you will notice that you have gained 200 HEY tokens.

Don’t squander your HEY, because they will become more valuable as the community grows to include wellbeing Specialists and Suppliers. You’ll soon use your HEY as loyalty points and you’ll enjoy discounts and special prices from our partners.

But for now, use them to start a new wellbeing Goal!

Each Goal is divided into smaller steps, called Milestones. Not all Milestones are equally important. Some are mandatory, and skipping too many of them will result in failing the Goal, but some are optional, offered as extra support during the Goal.

Not all Milestones are available right from the start. You’ll be able to access them, when it’s time to take the next step towards reaching your Goal! The reason behind this is the fact that most Goals are designed to promote a daily, healthy activity. We want to cultivate a habit, instead of doing the entire Goal in one go. So, each Milestone will become available after the previous mandatory Milestone has been completed and the appropriate amount of time has passed.

For each Milestone achieved you will retrieve part of your staked HEY. Each Milestone will also have a number of HEY attributed as Bonus. When you accomplish your Goal, you will be awarded the sum of all the Milestone Bonuses that you have validated.

Goals allow you to have a few cheat days. We all live busy lives, and need to adapt to unexpected events.

Depending on the duration and complexity, each Goal will allow you to skip a number of mandatory Milestones. You can find out the remaining cheat days by checking the Goal description.

There are different types of validations required for different Goals. Most are automatic, meaning that the app will validate them without the need of a Specialist, but a few are manual and require special attention.

Here are the different types of validation available:

  • Article: You will read the article carefully. If the Validation option is inactive, it means that you have read the article way too fast and need to go back and read it properly. This is an automatic validation, that doesn’t require the help of a Specialist.
  • Upload Photo: You upload the required photo and the app sends it to the Specialist for manual validation. You will see a notification telling you that validation is pending.
  • Quiz: predefined answers. You answer questions by choosing from the predefined answer. The app automatically validates them.
  • Quiz: open answers. You answer questions and the app sends them to one of our Specialists for manual validation. You will see a notification telling you that validation is pending.
  • Video: Watch the entire video and the app will automatically validate the milestone.

Hey, Be Well! will soon integrate with the most popular fitness and mindfulness apps, so that we can automatically validate your wellbeing Goals, without you having to check the Milestones manually.

We are also working to improve your experience, and make your interaction with the app as smooth and intuitive as possible. Soon, we will have our machine learning algorithm up and running, so we can send you customized notifications and personalized content.

Special notifications only, cause none of our users are basic!

I said that we are designing Hey, Be Well! with a single purpose: to help you achieve your wellbeing Goals…and I meant it. You will be motivated, you will be inspired, you will be organized. You will be well!

As Always, Be Well!


Hey, Be Well!

Hey, Be Well!

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Hey, Be Well!

Hey, Be Well!