Bugs and Header Tweaks

Whew! The Kitsu dev cycle for the last couple days has been nothing short of a funhouse mirror maze. This is a small update — just to check in on you. Because I care about you. Yes, you.

Just a little liquid confidence. Don’t be like that, it’s just apple juice.

The Ugly

As expected, some bugs popped up with our last release. Namely, the following:

  • MAL Export doesn’t seem to be working
  • The new embeds have led to feed performance being butt-tier.

First things first, we’re working on the MAL Export issue. As it turns out, MAL’s api doesn’t like all the wet, hot love we started sending over. They started rate limiting us. We’re tweaking how we handle the api requests so that they’re more efficient.

As for the new embeds, they were fantastically bad, mostly on account of all the shit-posting you guys do with those imgur embeds. We’ve since switched to a hybrid approach so that image embeds are rendered on the server side via Onebox and videos and articles are handled on the front-end via Embedly.

The New

While our devs are hard at work tackling bugs, I’ve been focusing primarily on the following:

  • Sending adorable pictures of baby animals to my Dad. He doesn’t appreciate it yet, but I’m tenacious. He jokes and says silly things like “Josh, I’ll disown you” and “Seriously, stop fucking texting me. This isn’t a game.”
  • Spamming the Kappa emote when asked serious, business-related questions
  • Dancing in the least messy corner of my room to “Regulate” by Warren G and Nate Dogg.

Looping through the above a few times, I decided to work on a little sum sum for you guys. I updated the header! Pretty exciting right? Like getting socks for Christmas! Lucky you!

The old header, not bad — but a little chunky. Also, lots of people hated those thin, circular borders with a fiery passion.

The new header, much neater!

Organizing database requests

Currently, if you have beef with something in the database, you have to join the Database Requests group, post a request and hope that it doesn’t get buried. It’s pretty sloppy, so we’ve decided to do away with that process entirely.

Moving forward, you can requests changes to the database from the database requests page. This will make it much easier to requests changes, without those updates being lost in the noise. This page can be found in the ‘feedback’ dropdown in the header.

That’s all for now! Talk soon! ❤

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