5 ways ‘Messenger Marketing’ personalises your relationship with customers

When executed the right way, social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great ways to stay connected with your customers. But with so many businesses on these platforms, and the constant changing of their sharing infrastructure, your connection can sometimes get lost… or just not reach the number of people you had hoped. For instance, what happens when you post on your brand’s Facebook page? Not quite enough the traffic you anticipated, right? The update is viewed by a small portion of your followers. To remedy the status quo technology has paved a way to effectively engage and reach out to the customers. The new digital marketing paradigm is called ‘Messenger Marketing’.

So, what is Messenger Marketing?

So, What is Messenger Marketing?

It’s an easy way for you to reach your customers using Facebook Messenger that automates communication and engagement. For instance, automating a message when customers comment on a Facebook post aimed at promoting a product or running a contest. This lets you send a variety of messages (such as a custom greeting) directly to your customer’s smartphone as they walk through your door. Imagine being able to inform customers about a new service or an upcoming event or a new product, with the assurance that the message has been received. Messenger Marketing is incredible at connecting directly with your customers and deepening the engagement.

We have handpicked five ways to help you leverage the new tool:

1. Welcome New Users

Will Rogers once said “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Luckily, now there’s a way around that. HeyMojo’s marketing automation tools can ensure that your first interaction with new a subscriber sets you up for future success.

Next time on when a customer signs-up or interacts on Facebook, or checks-out from your store, send a message — or a time punctuated series of relevant messages — to welcome them, introduce them to your products and services, or show them your appreciation for their interest or purchase. Use it as an opportunity to showcase your newest or best-selling items, or even provide promo codes to incentivise decision making.

Welcome automations on Messenger earn 5 times more orders

Not only it is a great way to show new customers what you’re all about, it can improve the bottom line too. Research shows that welcome automations on Messenger earn 5 times more orders than the run-of-the-mill bulk SMS.

2. Personalised Messaging Make Customer Loyalty Easy

Personalised Messaging Make Customer Loyalty Easy

Small gestures go a long way. A friendly welcome when someone clicks on an ad, a personalised message that makes them smile — whatever it is, if you can succeed in improving the quality of your customer’s day, you are en route to building customer loyalty. And that’s what Messenger Marketing begets you. Not only it sends out a custom greeting, it also automatically checks customers preferences and respond accordingly. It’s truly a zero-click experience. You are going to love it for freeing up your time, and your customers are going to love you for making everything so friendly and easy. You’ll set yourself up for a win-win!

Use our promotion and referral automation to delight your most frequent patrons or your biggest spenders with exclusive coupons, promo codes, or offers. Ensure that your loyal customers feel valued — and to keep them returning to your store.

3. Reach Customers in the Right Place and at the Right Time

Facebook and Instagram Ads are fruitful for business owners when it comes to engaging customers directly. While, a normal Ad click can redirect them to a website or landing page, a Messenger Ad delivers the message just at the right moment. According to mobile advertising firm, Beintoo, messages that are sent on Ad clicks increase the success rate by up to 40%. This is truly for the relevancy and timeliness of the message. Sending it at the right time, at the right place, to the right person creates all the difference, making Messenger Marketing an indispensable addition to your digital marketing and retention strategy.

Our Messenger Ads automation will help just achieve that, giving you the power to design personalised transactional messages with the skin of your brand. Consider incorporating a personalised message or encouraging customers to return to your store by adding a product recommendations content block to suggest other items they’re likely to buy.

4. Messenger Won’t Let Customers Forget You

Messenger Won’t Let Customers Forget You

Finding new customers is tough, retaining them arduous. So it’s always better when customers return to your shop. HeyMojo’s Messenger marketingautomation simplifies for you to manage customer engagement and give them a positive reason to return. It all begins with your first impression, and our welcome automations help you put your best foot forward. Soon after a purchase, you can nurture their loyalty with an ‘thank you’ message and/or probably an auto generated coupon for the next visit.

5. Say Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary

A business that remembers, is a business that succeeds. Send all your customers happy birthday messages and invite them over for with a special offer. With date-based automation, you can let your customers know that you’re thinking about them.

Say Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary

Set the date field to the HeyMojo on-boarding flow and send automated celebratory messages or special promo codes to your subscribed contacts on their birthday, anniversary, or other noteworthy occasions. It’s an easy way to keep customers engaged and thank them for their continued support.

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