Boko Haram

Boko Haram and how it applies to today is a critical issue to our global security and how we combat the issue says alot about the United States and it’s allies abroad.

Courtesy: NBC News

What is it?

To understand what must be done to stop Boko Haram and it’s affiliates it’s best to understand why it is so angry and what it stands for. Boko Haram is Arabic for Western education is a sin. This basicaly means that Boko Haram hates the western world and it’s pratices. Boko Harm started in the early 2000s with the eyes of the world turned away we have allowed this evil death squad to devour Northern Nigeria.

Should we be worried at home?

Boko Haram does not poses a threat to Western countries like the US and Canada while it does poses a little more of threat to countries like the United Kingdom and France. This is due to Europe’s geographical relationship to countries like Nigeria and Chad but, strong intelligence forces will protect these Western countries from internal attacks.

Human Rights

Boko Haram’s most serious HR abuse was not due to it’s kidnapping and selling of girls from schools that sparked the #BringBackOurGirls’ hashtag. But, the indiscriminate killing of over 2,000 people in January of 2015. Boko Haram let out a rage of terror burning down towns and destroyed too many lives to count in the process.

What can we do?

Boko Haram is a cancer in the world that must be cut off by removing monetary support from those who support terror here and abroad. Second, the Nigerian government needs the backing of the United Nations and the world on how to combat this threat. We can either march in their with boots on the ground or teach the security forces their to keep Boko Haram out; your choice.




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Heywood Williams-Tracy

Heywood Williams-Tracy

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