How To Get Hillary To 270

Courtesy: Diana Walker

If Hillary Clinton is able to win it will not be because she is a Democrat or is tied to the Clinton legacy but, because she needs to change her brand and will need to do so if she wants to win. In Hillary’s announcement she showed Democrat’s traditional voters of young people and minorities. But, she will need to reach out to Southern whites and tell them that she cares about the same issues that they do. This might seem like Clinton will loose support from her base but, this will not happen if she continues to stay strong. The reason she needs to reach out to Southern Whites is so she can pull support from more Conservative candidates like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Issues like Religious freedom and Abortion are at the core of Conservative values.

2016 is different then, 2008

Issues that are important to voters now are different then, eight years ago like Climate Change and Immigration reform while LGBT rights are being fought for and being pushed down by old school conservatives like the Koch Brothers. She will have to re-invent her brand around current issues if she wants to make it to the Oval Office.




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Heywood Williams-Tracy

Heywood Williams-Tracy

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