Who Will Be The GOP’s Candidate In 2016?

Courtesy: Politico

The 2016 elections are right around the corner and as presidential hopefuls from the GOP begin to put themselves forward as possible candidates for the GOP in 2016 we begin to see more conservative candidates calling out less conservative candidates for saying more liberal things. Like supporting the ACA (Affordable Care Act). This forces candidates to say more radical things like Rudy Giuliani’s comment about how Obama really does not care about America “not loving America”. These comment were embraced by hard core Tea Party candidates but, in a city like New York which is a traditional blue city it will cost the past-mayor any possible political future he has. This only continues to spread partisan attitude through our political sphere and divide the line from the left and right.

At the recent CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) we saw many new voters who are leaning for a candidate who can go after a candidate like Hillary Clinton. These young supporters want a candidate who has electability according to Politico. This is something that the last candidate Mitt Romney did not have because of the 47% tape and he being a candidate for the top 1% of Americans. This made the traditional Republican vote for him but, with Democrats appealing more to younger voters and Hispanics and African Americans. The GOP needs to look inside it’s self and pick a candidate who can appeal to these voters. But, the GOP is unlikely to do so because it’s biggest donors like the Koch brothers do not see this as a candidate who will do what they want for them.

So who does the GOP have to pick from?

Right now over 21 possible candidates are in the runs but, I will choose a couple who I think have a real shot at securing the Republican ticket for 2016. First, is Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush is the son and brother to two past Presidents. This family name will bring in dollars from loyal allies to the Bush family and will bring with it some Political know how which will help this possible candidate navigate the political waters of Washington. He is know to support the President on issues like Education reform and Imigration. This will draw support from more young and moderate voters while hurting him in campaign finance. This issue will be more important as the GOP selects a canidate in the next couple of months. My second choice is Allen West. Allen West is a radical Tea Party canidate who bleeds red for his many crazy statements. One was in 2011 when West wrote: “I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.” This kind of attitude will bring him the Tea Party crowd but, not the big dollars for a campaign. Chris Christe has a place in the GOP that makes him good with the more liberal Republicans. He is the current Governor of New Jersey which is a blue state. Many controversy during his terms being governor such as bridgegate and in which some of Christie’s staffers had the George Washington bridge closed to only a couple of lanes for political retibution because a mayor in a nearby city did not endorse Christe. Canidates like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz will be able to draw large support while they will not hold on for the end.

Theses candidates all have a chance at pulling the Republican ticket but, Rand Paul has won the Iowa straw poll the last three years which makes him a force that can have some serious support behind it. With a continuing stream of fund raising he might be able to win the Republican suport for a run at Presidency.

So with many possible running candidates it is too early to say what conservative candidate might be knocking heads with Hillary Clinton or Rahm Emanuel.




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Heywood Williams-Tracy

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