A guided tour of Sandy Isles with Sandy and Raving

Today I had the great pleasure of being given a guided tour around the Sandy Isle region on the OpenSim Life grid. My tour guides and the creative inspiration behind the collection of islands on this 512x512 var region were Sandy Hauster and Raving Lunatic . To visit the region use the hypergrid address below.

grid.opensim.life:8002:Sandy Isles

We started our tour with a look around Sandy and Ravings home that is by the landing point. With Raving contributing the objects and sandy on placement duty it has a warm and inviting feel. We headed over to the docking and took a long walk of a short pier. We had a tour of the under water areas and there are many such areas to explore. So don’t be shy of falling in the water but beware.

My first question to Sandy and Raving was “what is Sandy Isles and what inspired the build?”

Sandy Hauster: When I first arrived at this vast area, I sat in the middle and looked around and wondered what the hell I’d gotten myself into. Three days later, I put a house on the main island. I added bushes…then trees…then animals…then the underwater……….and it’s gone on and on from there.
Raving Lunatic: what inspired the build? The short answer is “The Build itself” we started with an item we found and built and added to it as we went along.. it has evolved quite a lot from the barren beginnings

To get around the region you will find teleporting disks that look circular railway tracks and the teleporting action is awesome. I felt a certain sense of familiarity with the teleporters and then it came to me “these teleporters remind me of the ones from Stargate” I asked.

Our first teleport was to Tree House Island and I really enjoyed the look and feel of this area. We headed up into the tree house where there are places to sit and Raving and Sandy had a dance together. We explored the caves which Sandy explained to me will be something for Halloween “with ghouls and other worldly beasts”.

We then headed over to Blue House Island and the grounds are amazing and again the attention to detail is impressive, remember to use your camera skills. On this island there is a nice bar/live event space called the ‘Tiki Barn’ which according to Sandy and Raving will be hosting events in the near future.

Our next stop on the tour we went to the high plain meadow which sits high above the Isles at 3000m up in the air. Remember to put on your safety helmet as its still under construction. By following the winding road through the environment you will find the kings castle and the long abandoned castle guarded by two fire breathing dragons. Approach with caution.

My second question to Sandy and Raving was “What are your favourite places that you like about the region?”

Sandy Hauster: That’s a very difficult question to answer….almost like asking a mother which of her five children is her favorite. There are so many things to see here…so many DIFFERENT things here, that I love all of them. Tree-house Island for all the lush vegetation….Main Island for the marina and the underwater environments…Blue-house Island for the venue and, well, the blue house….High Plains for the fantasy. I love it all. I love the variety. I hope that answered the question :)
Raving Lunatic: favorite places? “The details, the fact that there is so much to see, and the feel of the region as a whole, it is very relaxing”

Through out the tour the one overriding feeling of the region was the atmosphere it is both noticeable and staggering in its achievement. Considering the short time of 2 months that they have been on OpenSim Life it is impressive and kudos. You can see many original mesh objects by Raving on the region and the spatial design of Sandy will keep your eyes and your visual cortex busy for some time exploring.

My final question to Sandy and Raving was “what would you like people to know before they visit?” and to all of us “closing statements”.

Me: the whole region is infused with the creativity of both Sandy and Raving and together they have created a stunning and well designed region well worth a visit. You can sense each of their personalities and it was an incredible tour.
Sandy Hauster: My final statement : as you’re wandering around this vast place, look into places you might not normally look into…including underwater. Use different windlight settings from time to time, but definitely use the region windlight settings for the most part. Explore all of the different areas on the teleporter. And, have fun and enjoy.
Raving Lunatic: Take your time, look around, there is A LOT to see and explore and it is a constantly evolving region. I don’t think it will ever reach a point where it is “done” and remains static

Thank you Sandy and Raving for spending time showing me around your amazing region and I highly recommend visiting. If you see either of them when visit say hi they are very friendly.