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(Not quite this complex)

Physical, Meet Digital

Early, early, prototypes
(A very early build of) Brown University Tycoon — on GitHub here

Next Steps

  • Data-driven sports (reviewing football plays, simulating baseball, etc)
  • Physics simulation — gravity, fluids, solar systems
  • Simulate ecosystems — play bodies of water, trees, bushes
  • Participatory Mapping
  • Collaborative whiteboarding
  • Flood simulation
  • An interactive “sandbox”
  • Tower defense
  • Chess
  • D&D
  • DJ or create music
  • Giant space battles
  • Complex flowcharts
These took FOREVER




Thoughts from a community built around design within the context of technology.

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Chen Ye

Chen Ye

Builds; explores worlds when not distracted by cats. SpaceX Design. Ex-@FacebookDesign, @IBMWatson, @Microsoft, @hackatbrown. Brown ’17.5 http://cye.me

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