How we increased our sign-ups by 15%

Kit + Modalyst, a symbiotic dream team

On January 3, 2017, I was introduced by email to Michael Perry, Founder & CEO of Kit; MP answered immediately from the plane.

MP: “Hey Jill, I am on my way to NYC right now, but sadly my days have been booked up. Are you planning any trips to SF in the near future?”

Jill: “En route to NYC — awesome!

Modalyst + Kit: a perfect match

I made my case: you see, Modalyst is the perfect complement to Kit, a virtual employee powered by Shopify. Modalyst enables thousands of e-commerce retailers to source, list, and sell products with one-click. We have an extensive marketplace of hundreds of curated dropshipping suppliers, enabling stores to easily “expand the aisle” with new products including pictures, pricing, descriptions, & inventory — all automated with a real-time sync.

Imagine this — you have a store filled with products, which you have painstakingly curated and marketed. Coupled with Kit, Modalyst can make powerful product recommendations based on your bestsellers — straight to your phone. We look at your store’s bestsellers — and using our algorithms and machine learning — make product recommendations taking into account your stats and our marketplace’s bestsellers. From your phone, these products can then be added to your store by Modalyst, and then marketed through social media by Kit. Cool, right?

MP freed up his schedule for me, and we were set to meet the next day. Upon meeting, it was clear that we were both a good fit for each other’s businesses.

Up to speed in no time

Jill: “So, how long does an integration take and when can we get started?”

MP: “Well, how good is your team? It can take as little as 2–3 weeks. We can clear a time for you immediately.”

Jill: “My team is fast & efficient! We’ll clear the roadmap for you for February and make it happen.”

And so it went.

I was quickly introduced to Ellen Dunne, the Senior Product Manager at Kit. Our first goal was to write the language for the text message conversations taking place between Kit’s and the retailer.

A small stumbling block

Our first challenge was a surprising wrinkle. We discovered that there was a 3-second time limit for products to be uploaded via Kit to a merchant’s store. This meant when the merchant elected to add our product recommendations to their store, all of the products and their variants needed to upload in that 3-second window. While some products have no variants, others have many, and we knew it wouldn’t be possible to guarantee all items could always be added within 3 seconds. We asked for some flexibility: could we have a longer window for adding products? Ellen pitched our case to her tech team. Though it wasn’t possible to make the change prior to launch, Ellen persisted in advocating for us, and the time was eventually extended. You know that you have the right partner when they are willing to work with you to create the best user experience for our customers.

Freakin’ awesome!

Kit has been a successful integration for us and our retailers. Modalyst introduced our Kit partner page to educate potential users, and we have seen a steady stream of new sign-ups, with an increase of 10–15% per month. In return, we have made Kit part of our sign-up process for all Shopify users, so merchants can easily add Kit upon registering for Modalyst. In 2 short months since we launched our integration, hundreds of Modalyst retailers have installed Kit. About 85% of these stores receive a daily set of recommendations based on a bestseller or new product added to their store. Our recommendations have been a huge hit, with emphatic messages to us like, “Modalyst is the best dropshipping service you’ll ever find on Shopify” and “The Kit integration is freakin awesome!” And that’s the goal — to create an awesome experience for both Modalyst and Kit users, which in turn increases their ability to scale their stores into huge, successful businesses.

From the Kit team

Modalyst is just one of many Kit Skills, and we’re always adding more. If you’d like to talk with us about integrating your Shopify app with Kit, email

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