The stats don’t lie: discounts and free shipping increase sales

And now it’s even easier with my help

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2 min readMay 16, 2017


At Unite 2017, Shopify showcased the importance of offering discounts to customers to increase sales. Announcing that Shopify you’ll be able to create and manage discounts more easily. With new discount reports, you’ll have better visibility to what discounts are working and actually driving sales. Be able to combine conditions, and edit your discount codes.

Shopify shared some powerful statistics, including why you should be using discounts. Store owners with an active discount code are 8x more likely to make a sale.

I’m excited about being able to create and promote your store’s discount and free shipping codes. Making it easier for you to drive sales!

Discounts help you attract new customers, reduce cart abandonment, and get you ahead of your competitors in a few simple messages.

The statistics show that you should be using discount codes

Discounts and free shipping codes help solve some of the biggest challenges in e-commerce, namely new customer acquisition and retention. Discount codes are also really easy customers to share, having the potential to spread widely organically.

Across Shopify, in the last 365 days 17% of total sales were transacted through a discount code

Discount codes also encourage customers to follow your store on Facebook and Instagram, which helps to build brand awareness and loyalty.

Let’s get started with product and shipping discounts

You don’t need to take any special steps to enable discounts — just start by messaging “Hi Kit,” on your mobile device. Next, select “Market Products,” and then you’ll see the new option to “Create a discount code.”

From there, I’ll ask a few quick questions and get your discount set up. Once we’ve created your discount, I’ll ask how you’d like to promote it and generate awareness to drive sales.

Message me today, and we’ll use discount codes to boost your sales and increase your customer retention.

Let’s get to work,


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