Building Slack communities that don’t fuck each other over

Colin Devroe writing on Rands In Repose:

Whether this success is a function of timing or community management, I don’t know. What I do know is that each of my active Slack teams whether they are social or community are an integral part of my day. I participate more each day. Groups of strangers in the wide open spaces of the Internet have a crap track record when it comes to cultivating respect. It’s perhaps partially due to the powerful (and important) anonymity of the Internet, but also because it’s often too hard to have an effective and high bandwidth conversation regarding how a group’s communication style evolves. These small Slack conventions, these little tools on our Slack, help us to avoid misunderstanding so we can continue to focus on the task of learning

As a part of the upcoming Creatomic membership program, this is something that I’ll be working on a lot – a healthy, functional and collaborative Slack community based around the concepts and messages and ideals of Creatomic.

This particular passage really stood out to me, and I think it will play an important part of what I do and what I work on next.

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