Do you have a Protective mindset, or a Proactive mindset?

The most irresponsible thing you can do is become obsessed with protecting what you have.

No, not because of some bullshit “law of attraction” theory, but because having a Protective mindset is going to destroy you by preventing you from taking on risks, exploring opportunities and meeting new challenges.

When you have a Protective mindset, all you want to do is build walls. Build fences. Buy padlocks.

You’ll spend more money trying to buy a bigger and stronger vault than on growing the money you’ll put into it.

When you have a Proactive mindset, you’ll take those risks. You’ll roll those dice. You won’t hoard your treasures like some Dragon / Troll / Corporate Executive.

The Proactive mindset is the true Billionaire mindset.

The Protective mindset means you’ve already lost.