Do you see closed paths or open roads?

Do you see opportunities?

Do you see possibilities?

When you look ahead, do you feel as though anything could happen, or everything has already happened?

When you think of your future, is it precluded or yet to be decided?

The thing is, what you see ahead of you is going to define what you do and accomplish and take on right now, in the present moment. This is where it has its major impact. Not in 10 years time. Not in 5 years time. Now.

The way you look at the future isn’t going to directly and immediately affect your future that much. It’s going to directly affect the actions that you do and don’t take now. Those present actions are what will eventually shake and shape your future.

If you see the future as closed off, you won’t make any moves to begin transforming your future today. Great accomplishments don’t happen overnight, they happen as the result of careful planning, work and effort years in advance.

If you see open roads ahead, you’ll begin planning how you’ll travel down them. You’ll begin taking the actions that must be taken. You won’t miss out due to inactivity. You won’t miss out at all.

Creating that shift in your mindset is difficult. I know, it really is. But the only way to create it is to remember that the future is always unwritten. In 1990, Linda Hunt was playing a School Principle in Kindergarten Cop and LL Cool J was releasing his Mama Said Knock You Out album. I’ll bet neither of them would have imagined starring together in a police procedural like NCIS:LA.

When I was a kid, I was going to be a punk rock singer. Now I publish online for a living and I design websites and help entrepreneurs and do a million other things — just because they interest me.

When I was in my 20’s, I was going to travel the world with my electronic band. Now I travel the world to speak at conferences. And yeah, I still record music all the time.

Life is weird, and that weirdness is what gives rise to endless possibilities. There are no closed roads. It’s all unwritten and open.

MJ is a good friend of mine (in real life not internet life) who helps people ranging from the A-type who just wants more money, no mental blocks and maximum performance, to those stuck in the mundanity of being chained to their desk and wanting out, right through to trauma survivors trying to find themselves again. He jumped at the idea to gift every reader of my work an hour of his time. All you have to do is email him:
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