Never try to hide from who you really are

I think it’s pretty natural to be scared of showing yourself. That’s something we are all prone to. We talk about letting our hair down, showing the real Us, removing the veils and the mysteries and the hidden parts that we keep locked away.

I’m like that, too. Or at least I used to be. I can remember when I got my first ever full time job, trying to store away my Misfits T-shirts and pretend that I wasn’t a weirdo little punk kid, I was a quote-unquote Businessman.

That was pretty pointless. I was trying to deny who I was because I didn’t think it worked with the new Me that I wanted to project, I didn’t think people would respect me for being a little out there, for being a little odd.

I’d never do that anymore. Over the last 10 years, I’ve come to understand that it’s okay to be a fucking weirdo. It’s okay to be stranger than your average, and it’s okay to let that freak flag fly. I’ve learned it, because it’s my biggest point of difference, it’s what sets me apart.

People aren’t easy to categorise, if you get through the surrounding, protecting layers and start to explore their core. When you get deeper than the suit and tie, deeper than the job, deeper than the TV shows they like to watch on the weekend, you can find that there’s something crazy about almost anyone.

We’re all very much unique products of our own individual backgrounds. That’s undeniable. We’ve all been through stuff that has transformed and shaped us, whether it was hard times or punk rock music.

Our histories, our pasts, the things we love, the things that stop us from fitting in perfectly, should never be ignored.

If you try to beat them down, if you try to squeeze and pressure them out of yourself, it’s never healthy. It’s downright emotionally deadly, in fact. You’re denying something that is intrinsically related to your entire personality, something that has given you the baseline that the rest of your life is built on.

How do you think your carefully built walls are going to crumble, when you remove their foundations?

How do you think you can ever remain stable, if you’ve got nothing stable to stand on?

For entrepreneurs, for creatives, even for accountants, it’s the same story. Trying to make yourself fit in, is just not healthy. Trying to ignore the fact that you’re a total fucking weirdo is only going to make you angry, frustrated, depressed and isolated.

So what do you have to do? Turn up to work in a hoodie and Cannibal Corpse shirt? No, not necessarily. Although, I tend to. What you have to do is accept yourself for who you really are, and accept that pushing and pulling yourself into a caricature of what you think someone in your life or job should look like, isn’t going to make you successful.

Acceptance is the hardest part of living. That’s the truth. But if you can manage it, you might just find a little happiness at the end of the line.

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