Letter sent on Aug 25, 2016

Dreams, Sacrifices & A Million Bucks

The Creatomic Weekly Roundup

If you want to be a founder, don’t crap out.

So I’ll start this with a tough truth. I’ve crapped out time and time again. I’ve been scared, scared of failure and embarrassment and scared of losing, and I haven’t had the raw guts that I needed. I’ve let myself down, and I’ve let my dreams down, and at some point in your life — so have you…

How to make a million dollars

If you’re running any kind of business, whether it’s freelancing as a creative or building a software company, you have to look at how you make money, what your units are and how much you charge, what your overheads are, and what combinations of products, prices, services and scale are going to get you where you want to be…

Nothing is impossible (if you know how to start)

You know how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time. If you want your software to eat the world, it’s going to happen the same fucking way.
I don’t believe that anything is impossible, if you know how to take the first step. Because that first step is where 8 people out of every 10 give up and throw in the towel.

Life is about making sacrifices

I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs. People often want my advice, or my help. They come to me when they’re struggling with their growth, their plans, or their decisions, and I talk to as many as I can. I often notice a theme though. People who come to me, know exactly what they should be doing. They’re not stupid, and they’re not blind.

Be first or be better. That’s how to amaze

In 2013, we were building something that we thought was going to be awesome. We were building something that we thought the world wanted. We were building something that we truly gave a shit about, and if you know me, you know that’s my baseline for doing anything.
We were building a startup called Tuteable, a platform that was designed to connect software developers and engineers who had technical problems with experts who could solve their problems within 15 minutes.

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MJ from Thymos works with people trying to create more joy and success in their life: from abuse survivors all the way through to startup founders — really anyone who is looking for more meaning and a sharper edge to approach life with. I’ve managed to convince him to give everyone who emails him a free consultation. You can reach him on mj@thymos.com.au and he responds to every email.

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