How A Comic Book Artist Found A Home In Silicon Valley

Chris O’Brien writing in VentureBeat about the work of Laurel Duermaël:

Docker is very fortunate to have Laurel as part of our team, as she is very good at creating visual metaphors for complex topics,” said Hykes, who is currently the company’s chief technology officer and product officer. “When you grow to the point that you are reaching millions of people, it can be hard to keep a human touch. By injecting her personal style into the Docker graphical identity, Laurel helps us to stay true to that intention while keeping up with the pace of Docker’s innovation.

Laurel has had a rough journey to get to the point where she’s the comic book artist in residence at a tech company. But it all proves something that I believe strongly.

There is no way of knowing how your creativity is going to play out in the real world. There is a space for boundless, bold and daring creativity if you dedicate yourself to it.

You might start your journey wanting to go one direction and wind up somewhere completely different. That’s part of the fun.

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