I am not a “productive person.”

I get a lot done, in my day to day life. I write, I publish, I work with startups on their marketing, I edit for people, I design, I build products, I build and grow communities…and I guess it all adds up to a certain degree of productivity.

But I just don’t define myself as being a “productive” person. I don’t want to.

I don’t want to define myself by my level of constructive output, because the number of things I tick off a to-do list is not a proxy for a personality. The amount that I consume information, and consume the world around me is as much a part of me. The amount of time I spend doing sweet-fuck-all is as much a part of me. The amount of time I spend having a drink with my friends, or just sitting on the bench at the bottom of my street and watching the ferries pass under the bridge…these are all elements of who I am, as much as – if not more than my productivity.

I think it’s important to remember who you are, or find out who you are, beyond what you do when you’re sitting at a desk, or working on your laptop or embracing the “hustle” – whatever the fuck that even is.

I am not a “productive person.” I am a person who is productive sometimes, constructive sometimes, and just average a lot of other times. And that’s okay.