I am not interested in making excuses.

Fuck excuses.

They’re what you come up with when you don’t want to do the work.

And I’m not talking about the real, serious obstacles that many people face, I’m talking about the bullshit that people say to me when I ask them why they haven’t released their product or published their content…

“I got too busy”
“I couldn’t find the inspiration”
“I just don’t feel motivated”

Those excuses are a slap in the face to every person who has a real obstacle that they struggle with, they’re a slap in the face to everyone who gets shit done (as though they’re the lucky ones with endless stores of inspiration and motivation) and they’re a slap in the face to your own goals and ideas.

I am not interested in making or listening to excuses. When shit doesn’t get done, I own the real reason. I own that I wanted to play my Xbox and wasn’t responsible enough to work. I own that I fucked up.

You know the best part of it? Owning my fuck ups means I also own every single thing that I actually achieve. I own every single thing that I get done.

When you live your life waiting for your excuses to somehow turn into a finished to do list, what do you think happens?


And that’s worse than failure.