Just because you need it, doesn’t mean there’s a need.

The classic startup founder story is that they were living their lives innocently enough and one day they realised that they were faced with a huge personal problem that was incredibly important to them to solve.

So they dedicated their lives to fixing it, as a heroic quest.

And that’s a nice story. But it’s also kind of a pointless one. Because honestly, I don’t give a flying fuck about why you decided to build something. All I care about is whether or not other people want you to build something.

All I care about is whether or not there’s an actual need.

A need that extends beyond just yourself and your life.

If you put all you’ve got into solving something for you, with no regard to how many people need it solved for them, you are running the risk of building something so incredibly pointless it might as well be a fuel delivery startup – and yes, there are people building that crap in every city of the world.

Just because you need something is no guarantee that the rest of the world wants, needs or gives a shit about it. So find that out first.