Micropayments, Content & Why I Use InklPay

Thinking about the future of blogging…

Publishing is a weird industry. It’s weird because it’s so incredibly valuable, so incredibly controversial, and it’s something I can’t get enough of. I love it, deeply and passionately. I believe that it matters.

I also believe it’s been pretty badly treated, by big publishing companies who wanted to squeeze every dime and dollar out of badly run, badly designed, invasive advertisements, and by advertising companies who don’t give a damn about readers, about privacy or about rights.

So that’s my rant. Still with me?


Here’s something I’m pretty excited about:

InklPay was started by some entrepreneurs who want to change the way we look at publishing. The elevator pitch is that it’s a way to charge folks small micro-payments — as low as 10c — to read an article. It’s a Wordpress plugin, and I’ve actually started using it for Creatomic.org:

That’s empowering for content creators, because it gives them a simple way to charge people for content, and it’s empowering for readers because they can directly support the people whose work they enjoy.

I’ve been using it for a couple of months, and I’m really happy with it so far. When they asked me if I’d let them sponsor Creatomic and write a bit about my experiences, I thought it would be awesome to do.

I use it on Creatomic.org, to give people a chance to level-up from Medium

My Medium family are awesome. They’ve made the Creatomic community a wonderful place to be, and I love that I’ve been able to release free content that makes a huge difference to people all over the world. But I use InklPay on my Wordpress site, Creatomic.org so that I can give the people who want to dive just a little deeper the opportunity to do that — and support Creatomic.

Here’s what InklPay looks like in action on one of my articles on Wordpress:

Nice, right?

How has it gone so far? Pretty good. I’ve found the conversion rates to be excellent, and my readers have generally been really happy with the process behind it, and happy to pay a few cents here and there to be a part of what I do.

Overall, setting up InklPay is pretty easy. It’s a plugin that you just install on the back end, and it automatically adapts its styling to match your website. When you publish a post, you have the option of pushing it behind the InklPay wall, or keeping it free — meaning you always have the options.

The Inkl team have told me they’re happy to offer training and coaching to anyone who signs up, to help onboard them and make it all easier! You can actually contact Phil from Inkl by shooting him an email here:


If you’re a content creator, it’s definitely worth checking out. I’m a fan, and I’m pretty sure you will be too.

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