Letter sent on Jun 19

One Big Myth About Creativity

Nobody is born creative. People are born with a curious and inquiring mind that asks why, what, when, where and how. Those minds are opened or closed by the games adults let children play, the books they give them to read.

That natural inclination to discover and create isn’t a special gift that special people have.

Far from it! It’s something that we all learn to either cultivate or hammer out of ourselves, depending on the way we react to the rest of the world.

The creativity of a person doesn’t depend on their birth. Their birth is just the dawn of a new life. It’s what they do with that life, and what that life does to them that determines whether they will explore their creativity.

If you think you have to be born a certain way to be creative, you’re buying into the idea that a person’s path and their identity and their hopes, fears, achievements and accomplishments are decided when they can’t even speak.

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