Run Baby, Run

Don’t stay committed to shit that you hate

Last week I had a 2 hour conversation with a man who hated himself and his life.

Last week I had a 2 hour conversation, that was supposed to last 15 minutes. It was with a startup executive for a tech company. He had approached me via email and asked for some of my time to talk about a decision he was struggling with.

He hated his job. He hated his job so much he was on anti-depressants.

And he still believed that if he quit, it was showing weakness.

He still believed that if he walked away, if he ran from a situation that was destroying him, he was showing that he couldn’t commit.

We’ve taken on this idea that commitment itself is a good — in isolation. Just committing to something, even if it’s wrong must be a good thing.

Stay in a relationship that makes you miserable, or where you’re abused. Stay in a job that is killing you.

Study a degree that you don’t want to do, to get your foot in the door of a career you don’t want to have.

But the truth is, that commitment isn’t the be-all and end-all. It’s not a good idea to be committed to something that isn’t good for you, something that is even dangerous for you. It’s not a good idea to throw away precious years of your life on something just so that a bunch of people who did exactly the same thing can tell you how smart you were for being just as miserable as them.

When you’re doing something that you should be doing — exercising, studying what you want to study, working a job where you know you’re doing good and you want to be doing it, loving and caring for someone who means the world to you, then commitment is a good thing.

Unfortunately, sometimes you’re going to find yourself in situations that feel like you’re being torn apart.

Sometimes, you’re going to realise that what you’ve committed to isn’t serving your best interests, or the best interests of the people who are relying on you.

Sometimes, the brave thing to do is to turn around. To walk out. To run. To get away from a situation that isn’t good for you. To make a break for it and feel free.

Because freedom counts for a whole lot.