Someone Will Always Think You’re An Asshole

And that’s okay.

You can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time.

When you put yourself out there, you’re doing it with the understanding that you are going to be opened up to criticism and dislike from a lot of folks. It goes with the territory.

I get emails from people all the time who tell me I’m an asshole for believing in some things. For not believing in other things. For talking politics in a blog about business and self-improvement.

Sometimes I get called an asshole for saying words like “asshole.”

But that’s okay. Because on the balance of things, there are more people who want to read my work. There are more people who enjoy it. And they’re the ones I’m creating for.

It’s the same reason Tim Cook isn’t sitting in Cupertino drinking himself into a stupor because someone on Twitter thinks Apple sucks.

They’re out to tear down instead of build up.

He’s not worried about ‘em.

I’m not worried about ‘em.

You shouldn’t be worried about ‘em.

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