The best part of my day is drinking tea and reading…

…it’s how I get shit done.

I have a trick that I use every day to stay productive and not lose my mind. It’s almost a ritual, and it’s helped me to build Creatomic up to hundreds of thousands of readers every month, build an award winning agency and do a bunch of other cool things.

Every single day, I sit down and I schedule my tea time. I block out an entire hour in my calendar, no matter how many deadlines or stress points I have to deal with.

In that hour, I’ll make a pot of tea. Right now, it’s Chai tea. I’ll sit down on my couch with a book, a highlighter, a pen and my teacup, and I’ll read, take notes, drink, inhale the aromas and let myself focus on 3 things:

  • Learning from and enjoying my book
  • Drinking and relaxing with my tea
  • Avoiding all technology

This is my favourite part of my day, every day. I slash away at my book with a highlighter, and I dive deep into it, and I let myself just…


There’s no notifications going off, nothing to worry or stress about (because I just don’t let myself during that one hour block) and plenty to read and think about.

Doing this makes me:

  • More productive as soon as I’m finished. I’m inspired by what I’m reading, and ready to implement ideas and apply new thinking.
  • More relaxed and able to handle stress and negativity
  • Highly aware of why I’m doing the work that I do (I think it’s being more connected to what I truly love about life in the depth of a good book and the warmth of a good pot of tea)
  • Less hung up on tech and instant gratification

When I first started this, it was because I was fucking depressed.

If you’ve read this blog for long enough, you’ll know that depression is just this thing that I’ve never been able to get away from. Even when I have remarkably positive and energised periods, I’m always acutely aware that another low point could be around the corner.

When I first started blocking out tea and reading time, I had gone through a period where I hadn’t actually read a book in over 6 months. I was watching porn. Watching TV. Drinking leftover beer over my breakfast. That wasn’t a great look, and it wasn’t a great experience, and it was okay that I was going through that, but I knew I needed to break out of it.

So originally, I just started by switching off my phone and my TV and my laptop and trying to sit down and do something that would take my mind off’ve my shit. I reached for a book. And I read. And I was cold. So I made a cup of tea. And I started feeling better.

It wasn’t the result of trying to hack my life into something and I wasn’t thinking about the ROI of tea leaves and pages. It came about kind of naturally, and it made a huge difference. To me, that’s the beauty of a healthy daily habit.

Since I kicked it off, I’ve been more focused, my mind has been constantly broadening as I’ve been exposing it to new ideas from new books in a new (and more positive) setting. I’ve been more relaxed and ready to work than ever before, without adding a feeling of additional pressure.

If you want to give it a shot, it’s an easy daily habit to follow…

  • You have to make it a priority. A real priority. Put it right up there above everything and anything else that has to get done in your day.
  • You have to commit to the 3 simple boundaries above. Reading. Drinking. No tech.
  • This doesn’t really work for me with anything except tea. Coffee gets me wired and wine gets me drunk.

Here’s a piece I love. It’s George Orwell (1984) on how to make tea…

Also, don’t know anything about tea? Start here…

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