The Best Way To Find A Co-Founder For Your Startup…

I get asked this a lot. It’s a pretty frequent question.

And it’s actually not as difficult as it first appears.

Do you want to find an awesome co-founder who can help you turn your best ideas, visions and dreams into a fucking reality?

The best bet is Facebook groups.

There are dozens of Facebook groups for startup founders and fans in every single local area. If you can join and engage with one of those groups, you’ll find someone.

I can guarantee you — if I wanted — I could find a co-founder in some of the groups I engage with, inside of 24 hours!

That’s how I’ve found and connected with all of the business partners I have ever had. It’s the chance to tap into communities of people who are like you, who want what you want.

My advice would be — engage in these communities.

Become somebody who contributes all the time.

Become somebody other people recognise because of the help and the value that you offer.

Become somebody who cares, because if you can be that kind of person, potential co-founders are going to come to you!

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