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Letter sent on May 18, 2017

The Daily Creatomic #11

Meet Snoop Catt!


I want to introduce you to this week’s guest editor…my best mate, Snoop Catt. Isn’t he cute? He’s been helping me get through a lot of writing and a lot of work this week. Unfortunately, he’s pretty mad at me for not buying his favourite brand of cat food this week, so there’s some drama in the Creatomic office.

I’m still publishing my Key Notes…check out the latest!

Key Notes 🔑

Here’s today’s post, it’s an interview with the one and only Ben Hardy, a guy who’s a lot bigger as a blogger than me, and who has hustled his arse off to get there. Respect. Check it out here:

Benjamin P. Hardy is a Medium Rockstar

As always, thanks for being.

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