Try creating a five taco plan 🌮 🌮 🌮 🌮 🌮

Live like you’re ordering tacos

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This might be a weird one.

I used to meet up pretty regularly with some friends of mine for $2 tacos at one of the pubs here in Sydney. My standard order? 5 tacos. Those 5 tacos would be divided — exclusively — using the following formula:

  • 2 chicken (my #1 favourite)
  • 2 beef (always safe and filling)
  • 1 special (whatever the limited taco was that week)

I ordered the ones I knew were awesome. 
I ordered an equal number of tacos that were less awesome, but still a great eat.

I ordered one total outlier that could have been a disaster (caviar and tempura swordfish was one) or could have been an unexpected smash hit (avocado and lobster — to die for.)

That way of dividing up the order always worked. It meant that I hit the high points, hit the safe points, and took a risky move. Enjoyable indulgence, safety and a gamble.

Why does this work? Because it lets me enjoy myself, hedge my bets and still roll the dice for a brand new experience. It’s a pretty powerful way to divide your activities.

For example, creating a 5 taco plan is something that I’ve realised I do in almost all the other areas of my life. When I market my business, I do 2 activities that I enjoy and can’t wait to start; writing and publishing content. I do an even number of activities that I know are safe movers, like sending out regular emails and posting on Snapchat.

Then I take a risk. I send out a cold campaign to experiment with targeting, I sponsor a podcast, I volunteer to do designs for a charity, I launch a tool that serves to market the business.

How to use a 5 taco plan in your daily life

You can do the same thing in your life. I’ve been experimenting with my routine lately. I do 2 things that I really enjoy, like following my cup of tea/reading time or eating instant ramen noodles for lunch. I do 2 things that are safe. Like switching off my phone or only checking my emails for no more than 30 minutes a day.

Then I try something new, something risky. This week for example, I’m attempting Vipassana meditation for the first time.

I can enjoy my routine, stay in a safety net and still expose myself to new ideas and concepts.

The 5 taco plan sounds like a weird idea. A lot of people have told me it’s flat out dumb as shit. I don’t really care. It works a lot better than you might think, because it gives you free reign to enjoy life, it holds you back from getting too weird and it allows you room to grow. That’s a good combination.

And hey, it’s also a great way to order tacos.