Why I donate to charity every time I miss a deadline or break a promise.

I suck at getting back to people. I suck because there are very few consequences for letting deadlines slip by in my life. Example – I wanted to interview an awesome entrepreneur and rapper, Mehak Vohra ~weeks before I did it, but it took me that long to actually get her the Google doc of questions. 🙄

Thankfully she was pretty patient. But I need to switch this up, because it’s not respectful to people to constantly forget to send them something I’ve promised.

So here’s a hack I’ve started doing.

I don’t tell people that I’ll get them something “next week.”

I get super specific, and I add a consequence.

If somebody asked me for something and I promised I would give it to them, here’s the kind of thing I’ll send to them:

“Great, I’ll add it to my list for this evening/tomorrow and get you feedback no later than 3:05 PM Wednesday. If I miss that deadline, please follow me up and I will donate $5 to the charity of your choice. (That’s my new productivity accountability hack haha)”

So far, not only am I missing less deadlines – I’m feeling both contrite and good about myself when I do. Either way, I’m happy, but I’m definitely feeling a lot more productive!

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