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Hi, My Name Is Joan
Tech / startup influencer. Director of Comms @ Flare, Mentor @ Microsoft for Startups, Transgender woman and Glitch fiend 🍕💅 she/her pronouns my loves!
Note from the editor

I started Growth Mafia to work with startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs. My focus is on helping people to turn their business into a massive success story, through content, PR, social media and marketing. I’ve worked with a huge range of clients, and recently won a Hermes Advertising Award for a campaign that I ran for Sydney based fitness startup Zova. When you work with Creatomic, you’ll be working directly with myself and my team to set your goals, build a campaign and smash it out of the park — every time. Jon Westenberg

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Parker Hathaway
I’m a book marketer and this is my blog! I write on marketing, creativity, & working together, because without these we will fail. parkerhathaway.com
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Chris Danilo
I’m obsessed with education. I make a living helping education companies be more productive. I share my strategies & tactics @ chrisdanilo.com
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Santiago Víquez Segura
Empredendedor, co-fundador de Agua Tibia
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Bianca Bass
Senior marketing leader sharing musings on careers, creativity and being human.
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Mike Sturm
Working tirelessly to help you think like no one else. Author: “Be, Think, Do” https://amzn.to/2Hnrdvk. Also Subscribe to my newsletter: https://goo.gl/UhzUYL.
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Alexey Semeney
Founder at http://devteam.space, an AI-enhanced agile software development platform.
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Dan Leverington
Being David is definitely more enjoyable than being Goliath
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Enas El Masry
Cairo-based Freelance Writer | Travel | Human-Interest | enaselmasry.com
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Kiki Schirr
Growth Marketer at ReDoc.ly. Former SF-techie, now wiser. Working remote from the mountains of Appalachia.
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Matthew Hartill
Optimization @SumoMe. Addicted to travelin’, climbin’ rocks, drinkin’ coffee &&& doing whatever I can to grow the best online businesses. (https://sumo.com/)
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Zack Jones
Hi, my name is Zack! I teach creativity, entrepreneurship and conscious living. Thanks for being here. If you’re looking for more, I write daily at zcjones.com
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Matt Rudnitsky
Writing, editing, marketing (and eating) books independently and with Book in a Box, while traveling the world with Remote Year.
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Deanna DeMarco
19 year-old college student with a broken body
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Benjamin Dada, MSc.
I love to share the little I know. Building www.benjamindada.com
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Anthony Park
Building your world, one journey at a time. http://arichjourney.com/
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Rosie Leizrowice
Writer/researcher. Trying to write things worth reading and do things worth writing about. London. Freelance enquiries / say hi at rosieleizrowice.com
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Michael Hersh
An empath, a non-conformist, a music/TV/movie historian, a believer in the impact of genuine appreciation, a proud father, an AC/DC fan, and much, much, more!
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Pierce Zaifman
Freelance Android app developer | I love productivity, creativity, and finding balance | Email me for a quote at pierce@piercezaifman.com
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Connor Hennessy
hi I’m Connor. i’m 18, i build companies and grow brands, then write about it. Featured in @Forbes, @BusinessInsider and more.
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Genealogy Jen
Writer, Genius, Consultant, Public Speaker & Boy Mom. Explore What's Possible. https://RepurposedGenealogy.com
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Brian Brewington
Fighter.Soldier.Survivor. Phila PA. Writer for:Thrive,The Startup,Hacker Noon, PSI❤U, The Ascent & Splice Today Founder of Journal of Journeys and BRB INC ©
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Sagi Shrieber
Founder of Mindful & Ruthless - a community of digital creators & entrepreneurs (+ Live Show) 🙌 https://facebook.com/groups/mindfulandruthless/
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Leslie Barry
Director + Founder at exponentially.com. Working with companies to help innovators build The Right It using Pretotyping. 4 startups, 2 sold, 2 lessons.
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MJ Fitzpatrick
My friends call me MJ. I do the helping people. Reach me at mj@mjfitzpatrick.com. I also do email.