Gary Vaynerchuk Is Trying To Kill You.

There’s a certain message you know you’re going to get when you read Gary Vee’s blog or watch his videos. And it appeals to a lot of folks, I mean I’ve found it motivating and inspiring from time to time myself. So this isn’t meant to be a fucking hit piece on him.

He does what he does, and that’s great.

But there’s an underlying danger to his message.

This is from his book, Now Is The Time To Crush It:

Holy shit.

I can’t even express to you how unhealthy this is likely to be.

If you work a full time job, and you get home from it and spend time with your family, and then work until 2 or 3 AM and then get up and do it again, you are going to have a nervous breakdown.

You are going to suffer. You are going to be exhausted. It’s going to severely impact the people around you in negative ways. It’s just not sustainable to live that kind of lifestyle, and the damage you will do to your relationships and your mental and emotional — let alone physical — health could last a lifetime.

I know. I’ve been there.

I spent months working close to a full time job, studying at law school and then working on my business into the small hours of the morning, drinking red bull and popping caffeine pills to keep going. And I can tell you — the breakdown that followed destroyed my connection to some people I cared deeply about.

It derailed my life.

I know the hustle is important to a lot of y’all. I know you’re motivated and you want to make change happen, and I know you want to build amazing businesses and startups and products, but it is not worth that sacrifice. It’s not worth your health and your life. It’s not worth giving everything to.

You can have a successful side hustle, a successful startup and a successful career without following this kind of unhealthy advice. I certainly have that, and a lot of my friends do. And maybe we won’t ever be as rich as the folks who are on that grind no matter what, who are happy to knife their own health, but I think we’ll be a lot calmer.

Please don’t let Gary Vee kill you for the hustle.