Letter sent on Jul 18, 2017

I got called a Loser this week.

I was called a loser this week. By a guy who was pissed that I decided not to be a co-founder in his startup because I didn’t have the emotional capital for it.

I’ve known him for a long time. And his response to my honesty was to lash out. But that response is something I’ve heard before, will hear again, and don’t let myself become affected by.

Every now and then, I turn into a clenched, twisted, angry, biting ball of pure stress and anxiety. And the chances are, so do many of you.

We’re eaten away at by this hot and burning sensation that’s equal parts fear, anger, panic and insecurity.

It’s bloody hard to be productive when that’s happening, let me tell you.

You can’t write a marketing email when you’re so stressed and anxious that you can’t think straight. Ditto for getting clients, making sales, writing blog posts, producing videos…

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