Sell Your Skeletons For a Small Fortune

Create for you, in a way you find therapeutic. One that others may find value or strength in but undoubtedly provides both to you.

People respond to authenticity, pain and vulnerability. The problem with so many kinds of art today is the artist isn’t willing to display their vulnerability publicly or document their pain. They are unwilling to bleed on a page or leave it all on their stage, leaving authenticity missing in action and the rest of us feeling robbed.

Write what hurts to, when everything inside is asking you not to. Review what’s in the rear view while steadily moving forward.

Those we consider the best at whatever version of this they do, aren’t afraid to show others the absolute worst parts of themselves. Which ironically somehow manages to bring out the best in the rest of us.

They make an art of exposing the parts of themselves the rest of society would rather have you believe they aren’t also made of. All my heroes have battled anger and hatred because they’re all human.

There is no shame in exposing who you once were if you are no longer that person and there is no reason to hide who you are today if you truly have grown or are genuinely self aware and are working on doing so.

Eliminate the worst parts of yourself when possible but more importantly, profit off of them or find a way for them to empower you first. Find a solution to your problems and package it with a price tag, others with the same problem will only wonder why you’re not charging more.

If what you’re creating doesn’t ache while you do it, you’re going about it all wrong. You’re missing out on the best part. Don’t rob yourself of the glorious and gruesome hurt that may help others.

Never call someone else the best at something you’ve dedicated your life to, save that for them. There is no time for paying the other guy any mind when you’re on your way past them.

Use that energy to instead accelerate, save all of the humility and sportsmanship for after you’ve won. You should pay as much attention as the guy in front of you as he should be to the guy behind him, which is very little. Know they’re there as you freely move forward.

If they choose to try to ignore you or pretend you’re not there, that should only fuel you and gives you the exact advantage you need to outwork and overlap them. Let your numbers speak for you while they seek excuses.

Speak and express yourself as genuinely as you wish everyone else did. Let it rain pain when need be. Anger is an emotion that needs an outlet, just a healthy one. Might as well make an art of it.

Letting your flaws and faults fall onto paper seems to help begin to fix them, it sure beats folding them up frantically and hiding them in a closet somewhere when you have company over. Your inability to acknowledge them doesn’t miraculously cause them to cease to exist. However, working on them is a step in the right direction. I’ll always be the best I need to be if i’m better than I was yesterday.

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