Why you need to stay hungry

The difference between winning and losing is how much you want it. And wanting it bad enough doesn’t mean you’ll automatically make it. The most important part, if you’re a creative, if you’re an entrepreneur, if you want to get into the ring and go a few rounds with fate, is staying hungry.

The people who change the world, they stay hungry. They look at what they want to do, and they look at what they want to change, and they don’t resign themselves, they don’t call it a day. They don’t say they’re satisfied.

The hunger is what drives you. The hunger is what makes you excited to wake up in the morning, and it’s what gives you the power you need to keep gunning for your goals when you take a hit, or you’re reeling from a loss.

The hunger is what pushed Steve Jobs to get back in the game after he was ousted from Apple. The hunger is what pushes Elon Musk to release a master plan that some people call ambitious and others call insane. The hunger is what makes me write 2,000 words every single day and lie awake with ideas and concepts running through my head.

The hunger is what turns you into your own secret weapon. The hunger is what makes you want what other people tell you that you can’t fucking have. The hunger is your best friend, and your worst boss, and the kind of manager you’d hate if they were a real person.

The hunger is what challenges you, it’s what makes your work better, and it’s what makes you believe your work is the worst you’ve ever done, no matter how good it is.

I want you to stay hungry. I want you to always be focused on beating your own forecasts, your own expectations and your best track time. That’s where a creative grows, they don’t grow by stagnating. If you stand still, you’re only going to spoil, and you’ll never improve.

When I look at the artists I respect — people like The Clash, like Fugazi, like Douglas Coupland , like Blink 182 — they had that hunger. It made them push the boundaries of their own art and try to turn it into something larger than life, larger than living, larger than them.

What else would make a pop punk band record with Robert Smith from the cure and make an entire album with Pink Floyd as their biggest influence? What else would turn a hardcore punk musician like Ian McKaye into one of the boldest and most inventive musicians of our time?

I don’t think there’s any chance of becoming what you have the potential to be if you don’t stay hungry folks. If you don’t keep on pushing the boundaries. If you don’t keep striving to be more than you are, more than you’ve been.

Stay hungry, folks. When that bell goes off, you’ll be back in the ring going toe to toe with the champ, toe to toe with your own limitations.

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