“A woman stands in the street wearing a shirt reading "It's Always Better in L.A."” by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

Stop talking and just take action

I can talk all day about how I’m going to build X, I’m going to make Y, I’m going to be the fucking best CMO on the planet, I’m going to “change the world”, and it won’t mean anything. It won’t mean anything if I can’t back it up with actions.

Actions give power to words.

Words have a lot of power, but their power is in the action that they suggest or are associated with. That’s why hate-speech is so powerful, because it implies violent action. It’s why words of love are so powerful, because they imply supporting and loving actions. It’s why if you consistently fail to back yourself up with actions, to the level that people stop associating your words with actions, your words will lose all power.

Actions are the only way to prove anything.

I’m the world’s greatest jogger. Did you know that?

I’m fucking incredible at it. I can run 100km without stopping. 
And you know what? You didn’t believe a word of that. Because I can’t take any actions to back it up. I can’t take any actions to prove it.

You can claim any title, make any bet, forge any promise but if you can’t take action, you won’t ever be able to prove your claims.

Actions don’t have to be huge.

The smallest action can have a massive impact. The smallest change you make. The decision to pick a few nights a week to not drink (I’m talking to you Jon Westenberg 🌈), the decision to write just one blog post a month, these tiny actions can change the entire course of your professional or personal life.

So it’s not the case that you need to suddenly turn into Action Jackson and just a million things done every week. You just have to take achievable, doable action.

Actions don’t need 10,000 systems.

I know there’s a lot of of folks out there who are like me in that they just want to spend all their time building productivity systems that can allow them to be #Productive every waking moment. But the fact is, that kind of constant search for the ultimate productivity toolkit or workflow that can allow you to take action is the opposite of taking action. Sometimes you just have to grab whatever tools you’ve got and get some shit done and take that action.

Ultimately, it’s all about what you do. What you actually do. Not what you plan for, hope for, talk about, dream about…it’s what you get done by taking action. If I can just imprint one thing on you, it’s that. Take measurable actions, small actions, dramatic actions, whatever you can.

But take action.