This Legend Is Going To Engrave Your Best (Worst) Tweets Into Wood With A Damn Laser

I love watching this kind of thing unfold on Twitter.

Absolute maker Josh Pigford just kicked off a project to engrave your tweets into blocks of wood with a laser, and they’re turning out to be kind of beautiful, and completely cool. The first glance I took, I actually had to ask him why the hell he was doing it.

And then I got on board.

Because the truth is, sometimes things don’t need to have a big meaning behind ‘em. They can just be…well, fun.

Here’s some shots of the WIP:

You can check out the Etsy store right here:

The dude has already sold 2 of them, and I can’t wait to see how many more make it out the door. I’m going to be picking one up in the new year, but I’ll be travelling a bit until then, so fingers crossed he’s still doing it.

I think this is my favourite thing about makers. They come up with an idea, and they fucking run with it, and they come up with a product that just makes you want to buy, see, watch, touch, feel, read, share…you name it.

At the end of the day, that’s what making things is about. It’s not always about trying to come up with scalable billion dollar crap to shill to people who get a boner when they hear the word Salesforce. It’s about just getting your hands dirty 🍕💯💅👏🔥