Where you Were is never as important as where you Are.


Where you were is a data point.

It’s a history lesson.

It’s a resource.

It’s something you learn from.

It’s something you turn to for knowledge and guidance.

But it doesn’t define who or where you are now.

That’s not the point. Where you were is behind you; it’s source material, but it’s not the essay, it’s not the story.

I think this is where we fall down, all the time. We define ourselves by where and who and what we were yesterday. We’re not “that kind of people” — we don’t drink Champagne. We don’t eat Oysters.

We don’t read novels.

We don’t watch documentaries.

We don’t take risks.

These are all snapshots and informational breakdowns based on the past, and instead of simply glancing back, we interpret our present through their lens. That’s an incredibly unhealthy way to live.

Lately, I’ve been falling into that trap a lot. As I shift Creatomic back to being a publication, I find myself returning to statements about now that are based purely on then.

It’s debilitating. And it can’t go on for me, and it shouldn’t go on for you.

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