Why are you letting SHAME hold you back from reaching your dreams?

Do you know what holds you back from accomplishing incredible things? Shame.

We are fucking so scared of shame that we don’t cold email and cold call clients and ask for contracts and promote ourselves. We hide behind our shame to avoid doing anything that puts us OUT THERE.

We are so scared of shame that we don’t take risks. We don’t put ourselves out there in all our rawness and ask people to pay attention

Shame holds us back from accomplishing our dreams because it prevents us from going ALL IN and putting EVERYTHING ON THE LINE.

Shame holds us back from releasing rap albums, begging for business, hustling for clients, doing standup shows…everything.

The key to success? Getting over and getting ride of your shame.

I am not ashamed of WHO I AM and WHAT I WANT TO DO. I am an entrepreneur and a writer and a producer and a blogger and I help people.

Fuck being ashamed of any of that.