Why I Arrived to the Creatomic Party!

When I graduated college in 1999, I told my family and friends that the hard part was over, and it was going to be smooth sailing from here on out. My creativity was going make me a superstar and I would enjoy the fruits of my labor…

Boy was I wrong!

Over the next 17 years, everything I had known or maybe had been naive about caught up to me while being exposed to a completely new environment where working hard and being a nice guy is not important to others as much as how much money you can make somebody else and working with people who truly do not have your best interests at heart.

I never believed in completely changing what I love about myself: being creative, entertaining myself and others, collaborating with like-minded people, and genuinely caring and having empathy for my colleagues. But in order to survive, I had to make some tweaks and commit to change. Otherwise, the only person to blame for my misery would be myself.

Have I fully succeeded and have it all figured out now? Absolutely not! But have I been able to be creative and navigate the system while doing what I can to make sure others don’t ever have to deal with situations that I did. Absolutely YES!!!

A few months ago, I stumbled across Creatomic and I found Jon Westenburg’s writing. I felt like I was reading articles that I could have and would have been writing myself, so I felt it only natural to take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate and find a win/win situation to help me, help him, and most importantly help others who are struggling and kids “millenials” out of school who have not been given the tools to succeed or struggling to grasp the new workplace.

I have never sought profit or to become rich, just wanted to use my learnings, education and experience along with my passion and enthusiasm to entertain and engage others and hopefully inspire people as well as become inspired by people.

So when you read my contributions to Creatomic, let me know what you think, but BE GENTLE!

Hopefully we can all make an impact and bring the human element back to the workplace and more importantly, the everyday world we live in having fun and being creative in the process.

Hope you keep reading, and I’ll keep writing!

“There are no problems, only opportunities for growth!”- Michael Hersh