Re-positioning an iconic global brand

A socially driven idea


Get people playing along with Oreo by demonstrating the value of play in the real world + revealing ways to incorporate play in your day to day.


Play is everywhere. Sometimes people just need a little push to start playing. Oreo are the makers of the world’s only cookie that begs to be played with.

Creative Strategy

Oreo Adds play. As the cookie that people can’t help but play with, Oreo represents the addition of play into everyday situations.

Using propriatary tech to geo-spatially map influential brand connections. Engaging those key people that connect large communities of potential people who love play, and inviting them to #playwithoreo.

Social connection mapping


Play with Oreo…

Show me how you Oreo.


Taking it to the next level

We built an exclusive space for the French market for the people who love Oreo the most. A space where we could set them challenges and upload recipes.

Vine games

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