Coming full circle: from learning an HR system to building bob

Rinat Shemer
Feb 10, 2020 · 4 min read

To make a positive impact on people’s lives, it’s necessary that we discover ourselves — what we want and what we need — regardless of the industry we’re working in. It’s important that we each take all the “me time” in the world to understand our core sense of selves, so every one of us can end up in the right place and at the right time; even if we’ve already been there, left, and came back at a later date.

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My circle’s starting point

I began my coding career in the army, with my service time split between training and teaching others. I worked on the IDF’s HR system, which funny enough, was foreshadowing my future career path. After I completed my service, I spent a year traveling and then returned to Israel, and entered high tech as a result of my army coding experience. My first job was at a local startup that built a product designed to help developers find bugs, but I couldn’t escape my wanderlust, so I left to travel a bit more.

Traveling was the cure to an uncomfortable symptom I couldn’t relieve. I had been metaphorically strolling down a planned out, entirely predetermined path that lacked risk or surprise, and I didn’t like that. I needed to find myself, and understand what it was that I wanted out of the high tech industry.

My 180-degree turn

Traveling helped me realize what’s truly important to me. I came to the decision that what I really wanted was to work with a product that made an actual difference to the world in a certain space. I wanted to work on a project where the end-user would benefit from its influence. Even as a coder, I sought out human connection, and to affect others in a limitless way.

I returned to Israel for the second time and began looking for a new job. I knew I wanted to code because to me, coding is a fun type of problem-solving activity where I get to resolve issues in the fastest and simplest way possible. As a developer, I’m able to help other people by delivering a service or product that simplifies their daily lives. Coding, which does have its challenging aspects, also allows me to master logic and the technical puzzles that come along with it.

So, I returned to coding but this time, I went to Hibob.

Circling back around

Remember that funny foreshadow during my army service? What’s so coincidentally cute is that I’m back to building an HR system — and it’s one that I love. I feel connected to bob and the features I work on; Docs, the Org Chart, and Culture Clubs. I had even worked on an Org Chart during my army service but wasn’t able to create it in my exact image. When I got to Hibob and it became a tasked project of mine, I sent product photos to my former IDF manager, joking about how we once wanted to complete a project like this in our army’s HR tool.

When initially learning to code, I had wanted to build a system that automated admin tasks manually and saved people valuable time. Now, with bob, I have the opportunity to finish what I started earlier in life and in a more modern fashion, with advanced tools and processes.

I feel as if my career path is forming a full circle, especially as my current job defines my adulthood years. I say that in the happiest way possible! Workplace happiness matters and it makes all the difference when chasing your dreams, or even deciding what you’re aspirations are. I love waking up in the morning and seeing everyone at the office. I feel comfortable around my managers who give me both the space and guidance I need to succeed. And, I appreciate the support every bobber provides to another.

Coming full circle

At Hibob, I’ve claimed a new sense of self, which has carried over into my professional life and responsibilities. This is where I want to continue growing. I constantly feel challenged, I’m always experiencing a new side of the tech, I’m getting to know new features, and I create something new over and over again. After all, Hibob as a company is getting bigger, making it the perfect place to learn more and more.

From learning to code as a soldier to becoming a Hibob Front End Developer, I’ve learned that it’s all about confidence. I’ve reached a point, which is where I had once begun, where I feel comfortable embracing an environment and a product that helps me progress at a fast pace. While I’ve learned so much professionally within a short period of time, coming full circle in my career has enabled me to reach a place where I can confront new obstacles and opportunities by diving in headfirst.

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