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Reinventing your resume 📄

Masoud Ardestani

Let’s Start From The Beginning

After shutting down my first startup, Rydite, I was left confused on what to do next. As a founder, I put my blood sweat and tears into a product only to see it vanish before my eyes — it’s both depleting and gruesome to say the least. However, after a couple weeks of reflection, I made the practical decision to start applying to corporate jobs 😅.

As a founder having both built a product from the ground up and managed a small team, I can confidently say I racked up some pretty good, can’t-be taught-in-school, first-hand experience. With this being said, I thought getting a job after Rydite would be a breeze, however the corporate world had different ideas…

With every “no-reply” or “Thank you for applying” email, my high hopes came tumbling down 😢.

For every rejection email I got, I thought to myself…

“If only they can hear my story and how I got to where I am today…”

Brain Blast💡

In the midst of applying to yet another job, I clicked “attach resume”, but before I sent my resume, I stared at it and thought, “I bet these recruiters get hundreds of resumes a day. How am I going to really stand out from the rest of the pack?”

And it clicked…why not add audio to my resume? And right then and there, Cezan was born 👶.

That’s awesome, but what is Cezan exactly and how does it work? 🤔

The Work Flow

Cezan is a unique resume tool that enables jobseekers to speak about their resume by simply dragging and dropping up to one minute audio recordings next to key areas. They can give introductions 👋, summarize achievements 📈, elaborate on work experience 👔, tools used 🛠, gaps 😳 and much more! To build a Cezan resume, you simply upload your resume, select a key area to record your audio recordings next to, customize your link, and then share it with potential employers 🚀. Once published, it will forever remain on your dashboard! To top it off, once you’ve published and applied with your link, you will then be notified whenever employers view 👀 and download ⤵️ your resume 😄. *For a visual of the process, check out the work flow gif above.

What Your Potential Employer Sees 😄

On the viewer side, recruiters will be greeted with your resume and a small message that pops up at the top of the page, “Click the play buttons ▶ to hear *|Candidates Name|* Speak!”

Why Should I Use Cezan? 👨‍💻

Industries are changing rapidly and so should your resume. Today there are many great resume builder tools out there. But, when you take a step back, you realize almost everyone will have somewhat of a similar layout as yours, similar work experience, education, etc. What the current resume fails to do is make you pop out from the rest of the pack and allow you to tell your story effectively.

Cezan allows you to initiate the first call before the first call even happens. You’re able to concisely explain why you are a fit for the company, your experience, why you took a year off, your achievements, etc…all through your own voice. You can’t deep dive into any area when applying with today’s resume. Instead you need to hope for the next stage of the interview process to be able to speak to those points. On the flip side, recruiters will also benefit from candidates applying with Cezan. We are eliminating the the ice breaker moments and expediting the hiring process. Cezan wants the best of both worlds for both candidates and recruiters. Which leads us to our mission:

Our mission at Cezan is to give jobseekers a better chance of landing their dream job!



Reinventing your resume.

Masoud Ardestani

Written by

Founder @cezan | previous co-founder @rydite 🔸



Reinventing your resume.