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Here are a couple tips, tricks, and recommendations on using Cezan — a new resume tool where you’re able to add audio recordings to your resume

Masoud Ardestani
Jan 1, 2018 · 3 min read

Tip #1: Placement of ▶️ buttons

The placement of your audio recordings is critical. When placing your ▶️’s on your resume, be sure to place them right next to the topic of discussion. Recruiters already are amazed by the fact that they can hear you, but don’t ruin the moment by placing them in areas that may confuse your potential employer.

Correct placing of ▶️’s on your resume

Tip #2: Be concise in your audio recordings 🔊

You’re dazzling your future employer by using your voice to explain your background so don’t over do it. Get straight to the point, be concise, speak clearly, and personalize it to the job or category of jobs you are applying too 😄.

So uhm remember…you only have up to 1 minute to record, so like…be sure to remove any fluff or fillers like uhm, so, like, etc emoji ✏️ .

Tip #3: Utilize job descriptions 💼

When applying to jobs, you more often than not come across a job description. Job descriptions explain what the company does, what the role entails, and what type of candidate the companies are looking for. Job descriptions are full of rich information so use them to your advantage when tailoring your message.

If you’re looking to use Cezan for one job, then get down to the nitty-gritty in explaining how you’re a fit for the company and how your experiences relate to the demand of the role. On top of tailoring your recordings, we recommend customizing your link 🔗 as well. It’d be a nice little touch 👌 — ex:

If you’re looking to cast a wide net when applying jobs, it would be smart to tailor your audio recordings just enough to where multiple employers can understand what you’re applying for. In short, go in depth into your background like you normally would, but generalize it. For your link title, we would recommend making a generic link — ex:

Dialpad job description example

Tip #4: Add Cezan to your website & social media 🖥

Recruiters are branching out to source for candidates via social media and personal websites. We recommend embedding Cezan onto relevant social platforms and your website! Simply copy and paste your custom URL and you’re done 😄.

Embed Cezan onto your website!

Please continue to give us your feedback. Your feedback is what makes this platform better. If you ever think of a feature you would like to see on Cezan, or have any recommendations, please tweet us @ HiCezan or email us. Thanks again for your support and we hope you get that dream job 💥 👊!


Reinventing your resume.

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Reinventing your resume.